Cheapest Audi SUV yet – new Audi Q3S launched at Rs. 24.99 lakh

Audi has just launched the Audi Q3S, a cheaper slightly toned down version of the Audi Q3 at Rs. 24.99 lakh and at the same time added a new dealership in Delhi. The Audi Q3S is now the most inexpensive Audi in the country.

What’s new?

Cheapest Audi SUV yet – new Audi Q3S launched at Rs. 24.99 lakh

So what’s different with the Audi Q3S? Well for one it loses out on the famed Quattro four-wheel drive system. This Audi Q3S is a front-wheel drive only SUV and will appeal to buyers whose running is restricted to the urban landscape mainly. The vehicle is being locally assembled and that’s what has allowed Audi to come up with this below Rs 25 lakh price tag – a psychological barrier as far as buyers are concerned and one that would make buyers of the Toyota Fortuner or Ford Endeavour also consider an Audi, opening up a new segment of buyers for the company. Also watch: Audi Q5 video review

But there are other changes as well, which will make the Audi purists turn up their noses. The engine for instance is a 2-litre diesel engine that has been detuned to 140 bhp and 320 Nm of torque. It’s actually the exact same engine that powers the Skoda Yeti, which is priced about Rs. 8 lakh cheaper. It comes with a six-speed manual transmission similar to the one found in the Skoda Yeti as well.

Other features of the Audi Q3S that have got the axe are the panoramic sunroof and projector headlamps, which are now replaced by standard halogens. Also the trademark daytime running lamp LEDs have been removed. However, it still has a fair bit of safety kit in place such as six airbags, electronic stability control and rear parking sensors. It also has convenience features such as cruise control, powered driver’s seat and hill start assist. Also read: Audi S6 drive on the F1 track

Who will buy it?

This Audi Q3S will appeal to buyers who really are looking at image value and must have a luxury brand. The Audi Q3S is a good entry-level Audi that will appeal to status-conscious buyers who will pick it up for its sheer image value, while the Audi purists would probably look at the proper Audi Q3 with Quattro and other cars. For Audi, this car effectively competes with the BMW X1 and the upcoming BMW 1-Series, while also posing as an alternative to a Mercedes B-Class.