Check out the Knight Rider KITT car which was actually used in the television series [Video]

“Knight Rider” was an American action crime drama television series that originally aired from 1982 to 1986. One of the main attractions of the show was KITT, an artificially intelligent car capable of speech and various functions, and it was nearly indestructible. The high-tech car featured in the series contributed to its substantial fan base. While there are numerous replicas of KITT worldwide, we are proud to present an authentic Knight Rider KITT car that was actually used in the television series.

The video has been uploaded by Retro Recipes on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger is a big-time fan of the Knight Rider series, and 40 years after the series premiered, he was invited to a museum to take a closer look at a Knight Rider car that was actually used in the series. The car was used in all four seasons of the television series. In this video, the vlogger talks to the collector who had bought the KITT car. The person who bought this car actually runs a private museum where he collects original properties from popular television series.

The KITT car was one among them. The collector mentions that this was one among the many cars that were used in the series. In total, 15 KITT cars were destroyed during the making of the series. This one was directly bought by the producer of the series from the manufacturer for the pilot episodes. The car is different from the one that the lead character is seen driving in the series. He mentions that the car driven by the lead actor did not have a proper dashboard. These were installed in the backup cars to ensure that the camera can be properly installed.

Check out the Knight Rider KITT car which was actually used in the television series [Video]
Knight Rider KITT car

The vlogger was extremely happy to see the car in person. As of now, there are only 4-5 original KITT cars left in the world. The car looks extremely well-kept. There is a red light strip under the bonnet. The headlights on this car are placed on the lower part of the bumper. The collector in this video talks about the reasons why he believes that this car was used in all four seasons. He mentions several scenes in the series where the car was repaired, and he states that all those repair works were not CGI and were actually done on the car. Those works have left their mark. He also shows several mounts inside the cabin where the camera was mounted for some scenes.

He even mentions that the interior of this KITT car was stock. The buttons installed on the roof were all dummies. They do light up when the car starts; however, the vlogger was not allowed to start the car. The collector also shows the underbody of the car where a metal bar was used to connect the car to a camera car during the shoot. The underbody metal plate is also shown in the video. The exterior and interior are well-maintained, especially when you consider the fact that this was an original property car used in a television series that aired almost 40 years ago.