Check out this modified Honda CBR250R Cafe Racer!

The Honda CBR250R has been among the most sorted fully-faired motorcycles you can buy in the 250-300cc segment. Thanks to its refined engine, comfortable ergonomics, and Honda’s bullet-proof reliability, the baby-CBR has been the choice of many long-distance tourers. However, today, we have a CBR250R that does away with its fairing and takes the form of a Cafe Racer. Yes, this modified Honda CBR250R has been given a Cafe Racer format by Bangkok-based kSpeed Customs, which gives it an entirely new look.

While this modification comes from a Bangkok-based customiser, it shows all that’s possible even with a fully-faired motorcycle like the Honda CBR250R. The highlight of this custom motorcycle is its paint scheme. For starters, the motorcycle has been stripped off most of its bodywork, with the fuel tank being the only original panel that remains. Other than the fuel tank, even the alloys have been retained but come finished in a shade of red. Other than these, most of the bits are new. You get a custom round headlamp that carries LED fixtures. You also get a custom headlamp cowl that’s painted in a shade of red and black. The fender has been binned and the front tyre is new.

Moving on, you get a set of clip-ons, that make the riding position all the more aggressive. Even the speedo console has been dumped. Like we said, you get the same fuel tank. However, the highlight here is its black-red paint scheme. The original seat has been replaced with a single-seat unit that is flatter and probably more aggressive when it comes to the riding position. Another highlight is the custom exhaust, which plays a part in giving this motorcycle a mean, aggressive look. Much of the original tail is conspicuous by its absence. There’s no rear fender and even the rear alloy comes shod with new rubber. You also get some new badging in the form of red Honda insignias and KSpeed customs stickering on the tank. Other highlights include custom indicators and frame sliders. There’s also a custom tail lamp positioned below the seat.

Details of the performance modifications aren’t available at the moment. The only mod that can be seen is the stylish custom exhaust that should have done at least some good to the bike’s performance. The India-spec CBR250R has recently been updated and features a BS4-compliant engine that outputs 26.5 bhp and 22.9 Nm. Like we said, it’s among the most touring-friendly motorcycles you can buy. However, the custom motorcycle we have here gives an altogether new dimension to the CBR250R.

via MotorMahal on Youtube