Chennai car owners park vehicles on the flyovers to escape floods [Video]

With the memories of submerging cars in the floodwaters, which partially or permanently damaged them, Chennai citizens are taking drastic measures this year. To avoid such a mishap to happen again, many citizens have started to park their cars on elevated surfaces and roads including flyovers.

A recent instance, which took place at a flyover between Velachery and Pallikaranai areas of Chennai became an example of this, where people have begun parking their vehicles on the sides of both the lanes on the flyover. The event of heavy rainfall in Chennai on November 10 has given a small trailer of the expected heavy downpour in the days to come. Citing this, many people are revisiting the unforgettable memories of the after-effects of the 2015 floods.

Residents of the nearby areas are claiming that the flood water levels have started increasing slowly. Due to this, they are forced to park their vehicles on the flyover for keeping them safe from the floodwaters.

Chennai car owners park vehicles on the flyovers to escape floods [Video]

Water from Poondi and Chembarambakkam reservoirs is also released to avoid any bigger catastrophe, which is further increasing the possibility of floodwaters getting accumulated in the residential areas of the city. By the end of the day, it was reported that around 15 cars were parked in total on both sides of the flyover. Even more, people are bringing their vehicles on the flyover to avoid the possible hassles.

2015 floods left the city devastated

Chennai car owners park vehicles on the flyovers to escape floods [Video]

After just one day of heavy downpour, people have started shifting their bases, citing the fear of their homes and vehicles getting flooded. During the 2015 floods, many people suffered damages to their cars as they got stuck in flooded waters, which entered into the cars’ cabins and engines and damaged them badly. Many insurance companies usually don’t claim damages caused due to floodwaters. It forced the owners to either part their ways with their cars or pay a hefty amount of money to get them repaired.

According to S Balachandran, Deputy Director-General of Meteorology, IMD, the city of Chennai will be witnessing strong surface winds ranging between 40-45 km. This development in the Bay of Bengal will increase the amount of rainfall and storms in the upcoming days. He advised the citizens of Chennai to venture out of their homes only in cases of emergency, particularly to those who are living near the coastline.

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