Chennai cops SEIZE over 80 bikes for ‘street racing’ [Video]

The Chennai city police has started a crackdown on young bikers on the road. According to latest reports, the police force has seized more than 80 bikes during a special drive set up by the cops. Here is what happened.

What is happening here?

Young riders from Chennai performed stunts opposite the Chennai Police Headquarters located at Kamarajar Salai and RK Salai. The youngsters performed stunts on Tuesday night when the cops were on the regular night duty and had set up barricades. In a second incident, the bikers returned to perform stunts in front of the Chief Minister’s residence after gathering in a flash-mob style.

The stunt riders returned after gathering more people post the arrest of six youngsters for driving dangerously and rashly. The police force hatched a plan to nab the alleged stunt riders by placing barricades along the route taken by the youngsters and chased them on the way. The bikers reportedly sped towards the Light House and the cops could only nab six of the culprits. Three of the youngsters who were caught did not have any license or documents for the bikes they used to perform the stunts.

To stop the repeat of this menace, the Chennai City Police has deployed over 2,000 cops across the city on night duty. The night force has to look for such bikers that create trouble in the various areas of the city. The cops are using high-tech devices like Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) to identify the culprits. The cops are using 8 such devices simultaneously to catch as many alleged stunt riders as possible.

A report claims that the cops have seized as many as 69 bikes on the first night itself. Parents of all underage kids have been asked to report to the police station and give a written document saying that their respective kids will not race or ride before getting the legal driving license.

While there are many videos of helmet-less stunt riders showing their skills on Chennai roads, many times sensitive cops put fast riding under the stunt riding category. The cops have a wide definition of stunting, and suspect even riders of expensive bikes of racing.

However, stunt riding on city roads is extremely dangerous and one should not perform such dangerous riding on public roads. Stunt riding is a form of art and one should always wear all protective gear including a helmet, boots, gloves, knee and arm guards while doing stunt riding. Also, one should always practice stunting in a controlled area. Stunt riding is unpredictable and losing balance can cause serious injuries on public roads.

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