Chennai Police are using high-tech robots in Corona Virus red zones: Watch robots in action [Video]

The COVID-19 lockdown has been extended for the second time in the country due to an increase in the cases. However, the government have announced zones to identify the hotspots across the country and have sealed them completely. However, surveillance inside such zones can be difficult to put all the frontline workers like the police at risk of getting infected. Chennai Police have deployed four-wheeled rovers to enter these areas and control them from a safe distance.

Named as the Robot Cop LD, these specialised vehicles can be controlled through remotes from a distance of 1 km. The Robot Cop LD is equipped with high tech features that allow the policemen on duty to fulfil their objectives from a safe distance. The robots can be used for surveillance to check if anyone is breaking the lockdown rules and are coming out of their homes during the period. Also, there is a two-way intercom that has been installed on the robots that can be used to talk to the people residing in the red zone and get to know if they demand anything. Also, there is a public announcement system that can be used to make people aware of the lockdown and also announce any important information. It also features a LED display that can be used by the cops to push messages.

Chennai Police are using high-tech robots in Corona Virus red zones: Watch robots in action  [Video]

This video shows that the robots enter the barricaded red zone area of Chennai while the cops keep an eye from a safe distance outside the barricade. The robot can be controlled easily and the on-board camera can be used to check the surroundings and manoeuvre through it easily.

The Chennai Police have not said anything about a number of such robots currently operational in the region. Also, these are all-electric machines that need to be charged after a certain time. However, the operational period is not known.

The new robots will help the Chennai Police to remain safe and avoid getting infected as much as possible. The cops or the authorities have not said anything about the sanitisation of the robots once they come back from a containment zone.

The current lockdown due to the COVID-19 has been extended to 17th May 2020. The government has relaxed a few rules and has made exemptions to start getting back to the normal life in the coming months. Due to the lockdown, the cops have seized lakhs of vehicles across India and have issued many more chaplains. Currently, the general public who do not fall under any kind of exemptions is barred from going out in the open without a valid reason. Even most states of India have their borders sealed to stop the coronavirus pandemic to spread from various regions of the country.

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