Watch enthusiast-built Chevrolet Beat Electric in action [Video]

Electric vehicles are going to be the future of mobility and many manufacturers have already understood that. Just in last one year we have seen the launch of three electric vehicles in the country. Even the authorities are now promoting the usage of such electric vehicles. Most of the car manufacturers will have at least one electric car in their portfolio in the coming times. Recently we had shared a story on our website of  a Chevrolet Beat hatchback that was converted into a fully electric vehicle. Here we have a video of the same vehicle that shows how it performs off the road.

The video has been uploaded by Hemank Dabhade on his Youtube channel. He is the Indian car enthusiast who has converted this Chevrolet Beat into an electric vehicle. The video shows the performance part of the electric Beat. In the video it shows how does the car perform on loose gravel road, slightly steep sections on a private track.

Just like any other electric car, this electric Beat hatchback also has immense amount of torque right off idle. All this torque and power is available in the vehicle from the moment you put your foot on the accelerator pedal. The video shows driver having fun with the car in loose sections. The car has been tested under very extreme conditions to know how reliable the Beat electric actually is. The car has ample power in reserve to even climb a small steep section in the private property.

Watch enthusiast-built Chevrolet Beat Electric in action [Video]

This electric Beat started it’s life as a diesel car. The 1.0 litre diesel engine in the car was replaced with an electric motor and a battery pack. The battery pack is stored in the boot where it normally had the spare wheel. The car generates a maximum of 75 Nm of torque and can do a top speed of up to 100 kmph.

The Beat electric will do 115 kms on a fully charged batteries with AC and headlights off whereas with AC headlights on the car will does 95 kms. The batteries can be charged using a fast charger that takes about 45 minutes to fully charge whereas the regular stations will take about 6 hours to charge the batteries fully. Years of research has gone into this project and the owner says that he is currently working to get approval from regulatory authorities to make this car road legal. To know more about this Chevrolet Beat Electric in detail click here.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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