Youth use car to play loud music & dance during lockdown: BUSTED [Video]

Even though the lockdown rules have been relaxed in many parts of the country, there are many areas that are still under a lockdown or partial lockdown. The authorities have requested the people who stay in the areas where lockdown is not in placed to stay inside and not to come out without a reason. However, there are still many who break the rules and go out of the homes even when they can safely stay inside the home. Here is such a incident where youths were dancing on the roads in the middle of the night and were caught by the cops on patrol.

This incident happened in Kolhapur, Maharashtra where three youths were dancing on the middle of the road in a residential area. The video shown here is taken by a resident who was standing in his balcony and was looking at the youths. The video shows three youngsters dancing to the tunes of a song while standing outside their vehicles. The loud music from the Chevrolet Beat can be heard loud and clear even to the resident standing in his balcony.

The video shows a police control room van arriving at the spot. The youths tried to run away from the area after spotting the police car but they could not. One of the youths was on a motorcycle while two others were in a car. The youth on the bike did run away from the spot while the other one, who was inside the car also ran away from the spot when he got a chance.

The last youth who remained in the car got a good bashing from the cops too. He tried to explain the situation to the cop but he kept on getting beating from the cop. In the end, he can be seen going towards the car while one of the police officers inspects to Beat. It is not known what charges will be filed against the youth.

It also seems that the Beat had an aftermarket music system that was so loud. The stock system which came with the car did not offer such a loud volume. The youths dancing on the road broke a lot of rules apart from the lockdown and social distancing rules. It is not known if the cops arrived on the spot after a complaint or they were just passing through.

The COVID-19 situation in India is taking an ugly turn. There are a lot of active cases in the country and thousands of new cases are being added to the list every day. While the authorities have relaxed the restrictions related to the COVID-19 lockdown, one should not go out of the home unless it is absolutely necessary.