Chevrolet Beat LT versus Ford Figo 1.4 EXI: Which diesel hatchback is for you?

The Indian automobile market is bustling with options in terms of diesel small cars and buyers often get confused about which vehicle and variant is better. CarToq has found that people are interested specifically in the Chevrolet Beat diesel and Ford Figo diesel. So we decided to compare the top-end variant of the Beat (LT) and the similarly priced Ford Figo EXI to get a fair assessment.

Chevrolet Beat LT versus Ford Figo 1.4 EXI: Which diesel hatchback is for you?

The Key proposition of the both these cars are fuel efficiency; a front on which both cars deliver promptly but buyers are looking for more than just plain frugality. Let’s see how these two diesel hatches compare on different criterion.

Driving and handling

The Beat diesel houses a small 936 cc, three-cylinder multijet diesel engine under its hood. It puts out 58 bhp of power and 150 Nm of torque. The Ford Figo on the other hand has a well endowed 1.4-litre engine that puts out 68 bhp of power and 160 Nm of torque. It is evident that based purely on figure the Figo is far ahead of the Beat with 10 bhp more power and 10 Nm more torque. Also read: The cheapest diesel small cars

The Beat however does not feel like a car which lack power at all. The Beat’s peak torque comes in with the small turbo that kicks in at as low as 1,300 rpm and delivers best 1,750 rpm onwards. This gives the Beat diesel good pick up and makes it a quick car suited for city driving. The Figo diesel too is an extremely drivable car with an impressive and rev happy engine. So, on this front it is a tie between the two.

Space and comfort

Space isn’t the Beat diesel’s forte and although it has reasonable space at the front, leg room can be a bit of a problem for tall people. The Ford Figo on the other hand is a big roomy car with ample cabin space.  Three people can sit comfortably inside the Figo which has ample space on the inside.

The Beat will fulfill your needs if you travel over short distances or use it to commute to work but it will get a bit cramped if you decide to embark on a long drives with the entire family on board. The Figo offers much more in terms of leg room as well. In terms of ride comfort both the Figo and Beat are more or less on the same page, the Figo being a tad more planted and composed. Also read: Beat diesel versus Ritz diesel

Another thing you might want to consider is ground clearance as the Beat has 175mm of clearance against the Figo’s 168mm. The underbelly of the Figo does tend to hit the ground when there are pot holes and bumps.

The Beat LT will suit young individuals and couples, while the Figo makes more sense for family oriented buyers who would likely travel with the entire family and need every bit of space.


In terms of looks, both the Figo and Beat are good looking cars but the Beat does have a slight edge in this department. The Beat diesel has dark interiors with glossy black inserts on the lower part of the dashboard and the door panels.

The Figo too is handsome looking and has its own share of admirers. It has a cute appearance and manages to look bigger than it actually is. In this respect both cars are good options, so a decision here would depend on your individual tastes.


The Beat LT is loaded with features and the Figo EXI will have a hard time competing with the Chevy on this front. The Beat has automatic climate control a music system, sports both a USB port and an Aux-in port. It has internally adjustable ORVMs, power windows, tilt steering, remote tailgate and fuel lid opener.

The Figo EXI on the other hand only has a manual AC, front power windows and misses out on tilt steering, electrically adjustable steering and a music system. If you are one of those who cannot survive without these gadgets, the Beat LT will make much more sense than the Figo EXI.

Price and mileage

The Beat diesel LT is priced at Rs. 4.99 lakh while the Figo 1.4 EXI is priced at Rs. 4.96 lakh which isn’t a major difference. The choice that you as a buyer have to make here is whether you want the more spacious car (Figo) or the more feature packed car (Beat).

There is however one important aspect you need to take into account; mileage. The Beat diesel has a claimed Mileage figure of 24 Kmpl while the Figo returns 20 Kmpl. So if you are a fuel conscious buyer, the Beat diesel will appeal to you more than the Figo.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both these vehicles:

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Our verdict

The Ford Figo EXI is a frugal, inexpensive and spacious family car. The Chevrolet Beat diesel LT is a young vibrant car loaded with features but lacks space which can be a major hindrance for buyers.

Both the cars are good vehicles and have their own strong points. However the Beat delivers on more fronts than the Figo EXI and will be a more value for money proposition at this price point if you can compromise on space.