Chevrolet Beat owner made a Rolls Royce owner for a day shares his experience on video

The name Rolls Royce is generally related with luxury. Rolls Royce is considered as a manufacturer who builds one of the most luxurious cars on the planet. In India, Rolls Royce cars have found a spot in the garages of many celebrities, sports person and businessmen. It is still a very rare care on our roads and remains out of the budget for most of us who is reading this. Well, here we have a fun video where a regular guy who owns a Chevrolet Beat hatchback is made the owner of a Rolls Royce Ghost for a day.

The video has been uploaded by OK Tested on their YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter hires a Rolls Royce Ghost for a day and moves around in the city for a day. In this video, he shares his experience and feeling after using it for a day. Video starts with the presenter arriving at the office and getting surprised after seeing a Rolls Royce up close.

After having a quick look at the car from outside, he immediately gets in the car and starts enjoying the ride. The Rolls Royce seen in the video is a Rolls Royce Ghost II which was launched in 2014. It offers several luxury features that no other car in this segment would offer. The vlogger or the video presenter fiddles with some of the switches and features inside the cabin and is seen enjoying the ride. He adjusted the seats electrically and then played the levers to switch on the AC, checked out the ash tray and even the retractable cup-holders.

The chauffer then drives him through the city and wanted to see how people reacted after seeing a Rolls Royce. Sadly though, no one noticed him or the car and did not get the desired reactions. The reason why, his experiment was not successful was mainly because, he was driven around in South Delhi’s posh locality and spotting a Rolls Royce on road in this area was considered a normal thing.

Chevrolet Beat owner made a Rolls Royce owner for a day shares his experience on video

He then took the car the SDA market in Delhi and that is where he got a lot of attention. Many people noticed the car and even some chcked the car closely. The video presenter then ordered tea from a roadside vendor and asked people about the car. He even takes out an umbrella from the door and also takes it a fuel to fill petrol. He was amazed after the chauffer told him that Rolls Royce Ghost return him a fuel efficiency of around 3 kilometres to a litre.

The video presenter enjoyed this whole experience as it offers a very comfortable ride and feature loaded cabin. Rolls Royce and many other luxury cars are now available for rent.  Some of the facts however were wrongly said in the video. Rolls Royce does not do a background check of its customer before selling it to them. If you have the money, you can simply go and buy it. The fact about RR being deployed for waste collection is also a myth. Rolls Royce uses 97 Octane petrol in it and the chauffer said that, it is the same fuel used in Jet which is not true. Jets use a different type Kerosene based fuel.