Modified Chevrolet Beat hatchback with a wide body kit

Chevrolet had left Indian market few years back. They had number of vehicles in their line up and one of them was Chevrolet Beat. It was the entry level offering from Chevrolet in India. Although Chevrolet has stopped selling cars in India, the manufacturer still offers support for its existing customers. Talegaon plant of Chevrolet is still operational and manufactures vehicles for export purposes. Coming back to Chevrolet Beat, it was popular a popular hatchback among youngsters for its unique design. It was a mod-friendly car and we have seen several modified examples of Beat in the country. Here we have a modified Chevrolet Beat that gets a custom made wide body kit.

The images have been shared by AK Customs. The Chevrolet Beat as mentioned above was already a sporty looking small hatchback. AK customs has done multiple modifications on this hatchback to give it a sporty look. It gets a Satin Pearl White wrap all over the car. This gives it a very elegant look. Starting with the front, the white Beat has red accents on places like the Chevrolet logo, front grille outline and around the fog lamps. The headlamp has been smoked and there are projector lights in it. A red garnish is also seen inside the headlamp as well.

The grille has been completely blacked out and the lower grille on the front bumper has also been slightly redesigned. The fog lamp has a yellow tint and the front bumper gets a skirting as well. Below the bumper skirting, a splitter has also been installed with connecting rods. There are bumper locks on this Beat as well. The bumper locks and the connecting rods get candy red paint job.

The Chevrolet Beat looks a tad bit wider than the stock version and that is because of the custom made metal fenders. This is probably the first Chevrolet Beat in North India to get a wide body treatment. The new fenders do add to the sporty stance of the vehicle. The stock wheels have been replaced with a set of wide aftermarket alloys. The black alloy with chrome lip looks good on the car. The new custom made fenders nicely cover the wheels and it also leaves an impression that the car has been lowered. The tyre also gets custom made stickers on it.

The car has not been lowered however, it gets a stiffened suspension with custom made springs. There are red stickers seen on multiple places on the car. Coming to the rear, there is a roof mounted spoiler and an aftermarket LED tail light.  The lights does add a premium look to the car from rear. Coming down, there is a black diffuser on the rear bumper. Apart from these, modifications, there are no other noticeable changes on the car.

It is not known whether any sort of customisation has been done to the interior of this car. Coming to Chevrolet Beat, it was available with petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol version was equipped with a  litre naturally aspirated unit that generated 76 Bhp and 106 Nm of torque. The diesel version used a 1.0 litre turbocharged engine that generated 56.3 Bhp and 142 Nm of peak torque. Both engine options were available with a manual gearbox only.