Chevrolet Cruze AT road test

We had done a road test of the Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 Manual some time back and had then promised our readers that we would get the Automatic variant of the Cruze. So here we are with the review of the Chevrolet Cruze Automatic.

Chevrolet Cruze AT road test
Photo: Chevrolet Cruze AT - fast car, smoother shifts

Everything on the Cruze Automatic remains the same as the Manual variant as to the looks, size and all specifications except for the transmission. Read the Chevrolet Cruze manual road test, or see here for all our car road tests so far.

This Cruze uses a 6speed Automatic Gear-box which GM calls as the Hydramatic 6T40 transmission. We are told that this very transmission does duty on many other GM cars around the world which even include cars with 6 cylinder engines. The 2.0 CRDI Diesel engine was already an able performer earlier and now it been mated with the 6-speed auto tranny makes it even better.

Chevrolet Cruze AT road test
Photo: Chevrolet Cruze AT's shifter

First thing that we noticed during the road test was that the turbo-lag that was evident on the manual transmission was not felt at all on the auto transmission Cruze, thanks to the intelligent ECU that manages the shifting at the precise RPM. We instantly noticed the benefits of an automatic gear box car when we hit the busy city traffic of Mumbai, while one has to balance ferociously between the clutch and the accelerator to keep abreast in the traffic on a manual car, we just enjoyed the clutch-less drive in the traffic. The drive is effortless, and you instantly feel the benefit over the manual version. Another noteworthy feature that the Cruze Automatic has over other automatic cars  is its almost seamless gear shifting. We have driven other automatics but never have we experienced such smooth gear shifts, as thou it was one single long gear that moved the car without shifts.

Step-up the throttle and 150 horses are set free, the drive and feel is same as the manual Cruze but here one benefits the clutch-less gear shifting which works in the advantage of a very comfortable drive overall. Acceleration is is quick and enthusiast drivers would love the wheel spinning throttle response, for those who wish to be in total control of the shifts the Cruze AT has the Tiptronic shifter, engage the shifter to it and one can upshift or downshift at will, well not completely cause you cant fool the computer for example you cant shift to the 6th gear while driving at the speeds of 20kmph. This is an very intelligent shifter that’s doing duty in here. Gear ratios are longish to aid fuel economy of this 2.0 diesel unit.

Chevrolet Cruze AT road test
Chevrolet Cruze AT is visually similar to the manual, except for the logo

Driving the Cruze AT on open roads is sheer bliss cause this is when you realize how well the automatic transmission makes use of this robust and powerful engine. The drive and feel is smooth and power delivery is very linear.

In our review of the manual transmission Chevrolet Cruze, we mentioned that the car felt very fast and feels real sturdy at high speeds. The Cruze AT is no exception and has all the virtues of the manual Cruze and more.

The Chevrolet Cruze automatic has the same CRDI Diesel 4-cylinder in-line 2.0-litre VGT engine as that on the manual Cruze. This motor churns out an maximum of 150PS at 4000rpm and a immense 327Nm of torque at a low 2600rpm.

For all those who would like to know the performance figures of the Cruze AT, we touched 100 kmph in 9.7 seconds and the top speed that we managed was 195 kmph during our road test. In comparison the manual Cruze took 9.36 seconds to hit the100 kmph. Not unexpected nor intolerable.

The Chevrolet Cruze qualifies as being the fastest and most powerful automatic car in its segment, outperforming the likes of the Skoda Laura with the DSG AT gearbox and the VW Jetta, also from the same family.

Chevrolet Cruze AT: Fuel efficiency

The Cruze AT runs 9.5 kms to a litre of diesel which is not bad at all, considering the immense power that you have under the hood.

There is no doubt that with the Cruze, General Motors India has found a new mantra for success in the D-segment. Backed by an unmatchable service warranty from General Motors, the Cruze one of the best cars that you can buy in this segment currently. Now with the addition of the automatic variant, the overall package looks far better than many of the petrol cars available in the D-Segment.

The Cruze AT is priced at Rs 13.45 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi) which is the lowest priced, fully loaded automatic performance oriented Diesel car in the D Segment. We really think you can go by Chevrolet’s punch line for the car “ Choose To Cruze”.

Chevrolet Cruze AT road test
Pic: Chevrolet Cruze AT cockpit

Tech specs for the Cruze AT LTZ.


L.W.H: 4597mm, 1788mm, 1477mm
Wheelbase: 2685 mm
Ground Clearance: 165 mm

Diesel Engine

No.of Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 1991cc
Power (PS): 150@4000rpm
Torque (Nm): 327@2600rpm

Gearbox: 6 Speed Automatic

Car Body Type: Sedan
Segment: D Segment
Warranty: 3 Year Or 100000 Km Warranty with GM Service plan
BHP  -150PS at 4k RPM
Seating Capacity: 5
Tyre Size: 205/60 R16
Suspension: McPherson Strut, Mini-Block Coil Spring
Boot Space: 450.00 ltrs.
Steering: Power
Brakes: All Disc
Gears: 6 speed Automatic
Ground Clearance: 165.00 mm
Kerb Weight: 1520.00 kgs
Fuel Tank: 60 liters