Chevrolet Cruze falls off Mumbai flyover, killing two

High-speed accidents claim a number of lives in the Indian roads every year. In a tragic accident that took place in the Bandra area in Mumbai, two people died while three people were seriously injured.

What exactly happened?

Chevrolet Cruze falls off Mumbai flyover, killing two

A Chevrolet Cruze that was being driven at a very high-speed fell off the bridge. According to the police, a group of workers was trying to fix a hoarding on a bridge while a tempo that they were travelling in was parked on the road. The high-speed Cruze was coming from the Bandra-Worli sea link and rammed into the workers and the parked vehicle.

The Chevrolet Cruze lost control after hitting the tempo, and it went on to hit the retaining-wall of the flyover. The car then jumped over the safety barricade to fall down from the flyover. The car is said to hit a tree while falling, which absorbed all the impact and saved the lives of the occupants of the vehicle.

At the time of the accident, the traffic signal below the flyover was red, and there was no vehicular movement. Cops say that if the traffic signal had been green, more lives could have been affected by the high-speed vehicle. Witness claim that a female driver was in the driver’s seat while a male was accompanying her.

Chevrolet Cruze falls off Mumbai flyover, killing two

The airbags were deployed in the vehicle saving the couple’s life. Bandra police have arrested the man who was present in the car and is accused on the accident.

Chevrolet Cruze falls off Mumbai flyover, killing two

In a similar accident that took place in Delhi, a Honda City fell from a flyover. Four occupants in the vehicle lost their lives.

Speeding kills

Speeding is highly dangerous on the Indian roads that throw surprises at every second corner. Driving within the city limits has its own set of challenges. Here are a few tips that can keep you safe inside the city limits.

  • Always maintain speed. Most city roads are infested with potholes and stray cattle and dogs which can come anytime in your way.
  • Keep a lookout for other vehicles that may have broken down or are just parked. City roads are comparatively narrower than the highways that give people less room to manoeuvre safely.
  • Always keep an eye for the vehicles coming on the wrong side.
  • Slow down before you enter a market area or highly crowded region like school or housing societies.

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