Chevrolet Enjoy MPV in a recall for faulty air filter and brakes?

General Motors has not had the best of runs in India of late, this despite having some value for money offerings on sale. Also, the company has suffered a loss of face in India with a spate of recalls. The latest issue that has arrived to upset the American camp is the recall of the Enjoy MPV due to faulty air filter and brakes.

Chevrolet Enjoy MPV Pic
Chevrolet Enjoy MPV

The Enjoy MPV cuts the Ertiga’s pricing by over a lakh and is an extremely good MPV for the price it is sold for. However, the car seems to have hit a pothole. Chevrolet is said to be recalling a  select list of the MPV throughout the country for an air filter that is faulty and also to replace the disc rotors of the front brakes.

Under this recall, General Motors will be changing the air filter, engine oil and engine oil fiter without any charges. The air filter was taking more dust to the engine than it is usually supposed to and this leading to an increased engine noise along with a slight drop in performance.

Chevrolet Enjoy MPV Interiors
Chevrolet Enjoy MPV Interiors

The Enjoy cars which were manufactured till August last year seem to have an additional fault in the brake pad which was “high metal content in the pad” and was causing the rotor wear off faster.  The rotor is being replaced free of cost but the brake pads are not. This is not the first time that Chevrolet has had to recall a car that was starting to get a momentum in the sales department due to an issue.

The company had recalled the Tavera a while ago which was soon joined in by the Sail sedan and hatchback. And now the Enjoy, which was performing somewhat better than the rest, has a taint to deal with. Although Chevrolet is trying to do the replacements in a sly manner, it is only a matter of time when the issue becomes public and the company has to issue an official recall.

Source: Team BHP