Chevrolet Enjoy vs Nissan Evalia: Enjoy may beat Evalia

The Nissan Evalia has not really been selling that well ever since its launch in October 2012. The Evalia’s sales dropped to a miniscule 18 cars in April, after hitting a high of just 346 vehicles in March 2013. Now, with the Chevrolet Enjoy coming into the market and offering the same unique proposition that the Evalia has at a lower cost, it just may wipe out Nissan’s MPV.

The Chevrolet Enjoy and Nissan Evalia offer almost the same value proposition, but the Enjoy is a lot cheaper than the Evalia. And with India being a price sensitive market, buyers may be willing to overlook a couple of better features in the Evalia, just because the Enjoy comes across as a better deal. Also read: Nissan Evalia vs. Toyota Innova: Comparison

Here’s a comparison between the two.

Chevrolet Enjoy vs Nissan Evalia: Enjoy may beat Evalia

Looks and styling: Neither are particularly good-looking

The Nissan Evalia has pretty sharp front styling, and does look quite good. However, when you look at it in profile and from the rear it is really boxy – even more boxy than the Chevrolet Enjoy, which isn’t really curvy itself. However, this kind of boxy design works well for both – as both these vehicles offer plenty of interior space for seven passengers.

Space and comfort: Evalia offers more space, Enjoy has more comfort features

However, when it comes to space and comfort the Nissan Evalia trumps the Chevrolet Enjoy. The Evalia is huge – one can almost walk into the cabin. It has excellent headroom and shoulder room. But, when it comes to comfort, the Enjoy still makes a better case for itself. Take the middle row seats for instance. The Enjoy has two bucket seats with individual arm rests and there’s a roof-mounted AC blower to keep occupants cool. Also read: Nissan Evalia versus Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo

The Evalia has a flat bench middle row, which is spacious no doubt, but isn’t as comfortable. The last row of the Evalia though is better than the Enjoy, although it can seat only two. That row reclines and has cupholders, AC vents and blower control. The Evalia can also take far more luggage than the Enjoy. The downside is the non-openable rear windows in the Evalia – which make it a bit stuff inside.

Chevrolet Enjoy vs Nissan Evalia: Enjoy may beat Evalia

Power and performance: Evalia and Enjoy evenly matched

The Nissan Evalia is powered by Nissan’s tried-and-tested 1.5 litre K9K common-rail diesel engine putting out 85 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque with a five-speed manual transmission. The engine picks up very well from low rpm and pulls nicely in city traffic. The Chevrolet Enjoy has a 1.3 litre diesel engine putting out 77 bhp of power and 188 Nm of torque. It is a lighter vehicle than the Evalia and enjoys a power-to-weight advantage, making the overall performance fairly even.

Fuel economy: Evalia has an edge

In terms of fuel economy, the Nissan Evalia, despite its bigger size and weight has a better fuel economy than the Enjoy. It claims 19.33 kmpl (ARAI certified), while the Chevrolet Enjoy has a claimed mileage of only 18.2 kmpl.

Value for money: Enjoy has the advantage

But when it comes to features for the price you pay, the Chevrolet Enjoy has a distinct advantage. The top-end Chevrolet Enjoy is priced at Rs. 7.99 lakh and has two airbags, ABS, alloy wheels, music system, fog lamps, electric mirrors etc. The base Nissan Evalia has a starting price tag of Rs. 8.5 lakh! And the top-end Nissan Evalia, which has features such as a reverse camera in addition to what both have in common is priced at Rs. 10 lakh. Sure, the Nissan Evalia has more space, but on all other counts the Chevrolet Enjoy does offer much better value for money. Also read: Chevrolet Enjoy vs Maruti Ertiga comparison