Chevrolet India has announced attractive offers for the Spark small car. CarToq spoke to dealers from Delhi, Chennai and found out that Chevrolet is offering cash discounts among other knick-knacks for those who wish to purchase the Spark small car.

Let’s take a quick look at the offer and find out if it’s a good deal.

What is the offer?

Chevrolet is offering a cash discount of Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 55,000 depending on the variants of the Spark. The offer is valid for a limited period only.

chevrolet spark photo
Photo: The Chevrolet Spark has become cheaper and more lucrative post this offer

Delhi: This offer brings down prices of the Spark 1.0 litre from Rs. 3.54 lakh to Rs.3.01 lakh. Similarly the price of the Spark 1.0 litre LS comes down to Rs. 3.61 from its original on-road price of Rs. 4.0 lakh and the Spark 1.0 litre LT comes down to Rs. 3.93 lakh from the original Rs. 4.25 lakh. Also read: Which is a low maintenance small car: Chevy Spark, Santro or Alto?

Chennai: Post the offer price of the Spark 1.0 has come down to Rs. 2.84 lakh from the original Rs. 3.39 lakh. While prices of the LS and LT models have come down to Rs. 3.68 lakh and Rs. 4.04 lakh respectively. Here’s a table of prices post the offer in Delhi and Chennai with the value of actual discounts.

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How much do buyers save?

Sales of petrol powered cars have been dwindling post the hike in petrol prices and car makers are trying various tricks to make their petrol offerings more affordable.

If one opts for the base variant of the Spark (Spark 1.0), a Delhi buyer will save Rs. 53,000 in total (Rs. 30,000 cash discount + Rs.8,500 worth accessories + Rs. 14,500 worth free services). For the same variant, Chennai buyers will save Rs. 48,000 in total.

If opting for the Spark 1.0 LS variant, Delhi buyers will save Rs. 39,000 in total, while Chennai buyers will save Rs. 55,000 for the same. While those who buy the Spark 1.0 LT variant will save Rs. 30,000 in Delhi and Rs. 52,000 in Chennai.

Price of Competition

Chevrolet Spark competes with Hyundai Santro (Rs. 2.80 – 3.91 lakh), Maruti Suzuki Alto (Rs. 2.32 – 3.28 lakh), Maruti Suzuki Estilo (Rs. 3.27 – Rs. 4.14 lakh), Maruti Suzuki Wagon R (Rs. 3.35 – 4.20 lakh) and Tata Indica eV2 (Rs. 2.98 – Rs. 4.81 lakh). All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

Sales of petrol powered cars have been dwindling post the hike in petrol prices and car makers are trying various tricks to make their petrol offerings more affordable.

* Prices mentioned are ex-showroom Delhi and Chennai


  1. Still, No substitute for alto k10.. One can’t compromise on mileage as well as performance.. The pocket rocket still wins..

  2. True K10 engine is very powerful along with it…There is no Substitute to it…it’s torque and BHP is very rational compared to other car’s of this Segment…

  3. @Karthik If Spark gets diesel motor then it would be priced a lakh more than the current version,That’s why they brought the Beat Diesel Version which is well PRICEDISC(

  4. yes its true actually I am chevy auto consultant for chennai, we are giving maximum of Rs.55000 as flat cash discount plus corporate discount of Rs.3000 to 6000… hurry its for limited period. thanks for DWS Auto…

  5. ?@Maninder: yes u ppl are right.. alto K10 is having grt engine pls note oly engine.. but the problem is low ground clearance, cheap interior, hard in and out makes chevy spark takes lead along with DDLI engine and zero maintenance cast ….!

  6. @Sathya Narayan,The DDLI you mentioned is a diesel engine or the petrol one??.Alto K10 is in market for good engine and mileage performance for low budget customers who look forward to have a good engine so it is made to keep the costs low and that too the interior quality are enough.

  7. Buying a first small car in india is more of an emotional matter.. Here Maruti fit’s well in our hearts..
    Though spark has better comfort, interiors.. It’s what the running cost per km as well as availability of spare parts and service network, decide the game..
    Lastly, i’m very much impressed with the performance and economy of k10’s engine..

  8. Maninder: Maruti here since 1989 but we enter at 2004 and we are increasing service facilities each and every month… with in four years we also will fits into our hearts and catch yours too….!;)

  9. It’s so good for customers. Thump Up!

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