Chevrolet Tavera MUV Recall is going as slowly as it can get

Chevrolet is not having a good time in the sales department in India. The same seems to be the case in the after sales department as well. Its major selling models such as the Sail, U-VA and Tavera have been subject to mass recalls and the recalls haven’t been very efficient either. The Tavera is the MUV whose recall has moved at a snail’s pace and things don’t seem to be improving. In July 2013, General Motors recalled a more than 1 lakh units of the Tavera to fix emission issues.

Chevrolet Tavera MUV Image
Chevrolet Tavera MUV

More than four months after the recall, General Motors India has stated that it has repaired about 21,000 units of the Tavera in 121 days across its 277 outlets. If you do the math, you’ll realize that it isn’t even a single vehicle per dealership each day.

There are a slew of issues behind the recall moving at a slow pace. Most of the Taveras are used as taxis and the cab drivers are reluctant to bring the car during the weekdays for servicing as it is their business time and the dealerships are closed on Sundays. And there are still 1,14,000 vehicles waiting to get mended. To make things worse, many dealerships are closing down due to losses.

The biggest loser is the environment. Since the Tavera MUVs are not in compliance with the emission norms, they are polluting the environment.  “Getting the Tavera owners to the workshop for the recall campaign is a Herculean task,” is what Cyrus F. Karbhari, General Manager of Nikhil Automobiles Ltd, General Motors India Pvt. Ltd’s dealership  in South Mumbai. But the company says something else.  “We find the customer response encouraging,” is what was said by P. Balendran, Vice-President at GM India. We’d like to believe the former, given the statistics of the recall.

Chevrolet is providing incentives to the dealers to ensure that the process speeds up by reimbursing labour charges worth Rs 2,500 and providing replacement kits for free but the attitude of the customers and closing down of dealerships has not really helped the cause. That leaves us with a sizable number of cars polluting the environment.

We really wish automobile companies produced vehicles which were devoid of issues in the first place and just in case something crops up at a later stage, they should be quick enough to mend things. We’ll have to wait and watch how Chevrolet goes about a faster servicing of the polluting Taveras.

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