Rusting Chevrolet Tavera MUV beautifully restored to brand-new condition

Restoration is actually an art where a thing is returned to its former condition. We have seen several restoration videos on the internet where an old and rusty vehicle is brought back to its former condition. There are several garages around the world and in India who do this. We have featured several videos of same sort and here we have another video that shows an old and rusty Chevrolet Tavera MUV beautifully restored to its original condition.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their Youtube channel. The video starts by showing the condition of the vehicle when it arrived at the garage. Video takes us through the whole restoration process and tells what all has been done to the car to give it a perfect look. The Chevrolet Tavera was a very popular MUV when it was launched in the market. It competed with cars like Mahindra Xylo and Toyota Innova in the segment. It was widely used in the commercial segment because of the space and practicality. Chevrolet left Indian market and Tavera is seen on the road rarely.

The Tavera seen in the video was in a very bad condition when it reached the workshop. There were several dents and scratches on the MUV. The pista green paint had started to fade away and several panels of the MUV had severe rust issues. One of the door was also not aligned and the rust was also seen under the rubber beadings on the door.

Rusting Chevrolet Tavera MUV beautifully restored to brand-new condition

As mentioned above, this Tavera had serious rust issues and all those areas were fixed by welding new metal plates on them. The engine bay also had the same issue. It was fixed after removing the engine out of it. Once that was done, they has painted the engine bay using etch primer and also used body sealant to avoid rust issues in future. The whole front end of the car was also got an anti rust coating to avoid the same issue. Once they had fixed the rusting issue, they start correcting the dents and scratches on the body using body filler and putty. This help them give a smooth finish to the body panels.

Even the floor panel on the Tavera got a coat of etch primer and anti rust coating. All the putty and filler work on the body of the MUV was then smoothed out using sandpaper and after that, the whole car was sprayed with a coat of primer. Doors were removed and painted separately to give it an even finish. Primer sanding was also done before taking it to the paint booth. The Tavera gets a dual tone paint job. The upper body gets Azure green and the cladding area gets glacier silver shade. The paint does look darker than the older Pista green shade and looks premium too. Every panel on the car was painted individually and looks neat.

Silver coloured alloy wheels on the Tavera were also painted black. Once the paint had dried, they lift the car and the underbody of the car was sprayed with anti-rust coating. Once the compounding and polishing work was done, the Tavera looked like a brand new vehicle that had rolled out the production line.