Chhattisgarh cop gets a farewell procession in a Tata Harrier: Suspended after video goes viral

We have come across several reports in the past where people have landed in trouble for carrying out processions. In this recent incident, a cop from Chhattisgarh was suspended after taking part in a farewell procession organized by his colleagues. Inspector Surendra Swarnkar of Dongargarh police station in Rajnandgaon faced disciplinary action for participating in the procession. Surendra’s colleagues organized the procession as he was getting transferred to a different location. A video of Surendra Swarnkar, along with his friends in the farewell procession, had gone viral on the internet, and the action was taken based on the same.

The video was shared by Ejaz Kaiser, a journalist, on his Twitter profile. Surendra was transferred from Rajnandgaon to Bilaspur district, which is 110 km east of Raipur. In the viral video, the officer can be seen standing outside the sunroof of a moving Tata Safari SUV. The SUV was completely decorated with flowers, and his colleagues and other people around the car were dancing to the beat of the band they hired.

Once the video went viral, senior officials were forced to take action against the officer. When Surendra went to take charge at the Bilaspur station, he received an official letter about his suspension on the grounds of inappropriate conduct. The suspension letter was issued by Bilaspur range inspector general of police Badri Narayan Meena. Police officers are often transferred from one police station to another as part of their job, and it is not something to be celebrated. The officer was seen celebrating his transfer along with other officers while they were on duty. It is unclear whether other officers who were part of the celebration received any disciplinary action or not.

Chhattisgarh cop gets a farewell procession in a Tata Harrier: Suspended after video goes viral
Surendra Swarnkar in his farewell procession

There are a few reports that suggest that before his posting at Dongargarh, he was working in Bilaspur. He was transferred earlier because some of his actions in Bilaspur were controversial. He has been working in Dongargarh for only 11 months and has now been transferred back to Bilaspur. The report mentions that Surendra holds influence in the state home department. The officer was transferred back to Bilaspur on the basis of a single order issued by the state home department.

The officer was seen standing outside the sunroof of the Tata Safari SUV, waving at people standing on the roadside. We have mentioned several times on our website that this is not the correct usage of a sunroof and it should not be promoted. In many major cities, traffic police can actually stop you and issue a challan. The sunroof is designed to recycle the air without much wind disturbance. However, most people use the opening to stand out from the vehicle, which is an extremely dangerous trend to follow. A person standing outside the sunroof of a moving car can easily lose control if the driver suddenly applies brakes or changes lanes. There are even chances that the person standing outside the sunroof may be thrown out onto the road and seriously injured. Standing outside the sunroof of a moving vehicle is also illegal.