Vlogger takes a closer look at Chief Minister’s Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser

In India, most politicians have a at least one bodyguard with them whenever they go out. The level of security increases depending upon how important the person is. Politicians offer receive threats from different peoples and groups and in order to protect them from threats of any such sort, they are provided with an armoured vehicle. Buying an armoured vehicle from a manufacture directly costs too much and in India we have alternate options for that as well. We have specialists who can install armour on any regular car that has been bought from a dealer. Here we have a video that shows a bulletproof Land Cruiser inside out. The SUV belongs to the Chief Minister of a state.

The video has been uploaded by Turbo Xtreme on their youtube channel. The SUV according to the vlogger had come to them for a conversion work. This is actually a 2009 model Land Cruiser SUV that has been neatly converted into a 2019 model. Vlogger starts by showing the interiors. In terms of design, it look all normal. It has a regular steering wheel with multiple function buttons on it. There is a company fitted infotainment system, The cabin look luxurious and and has automatic climate control, wooden inserts on dashboard and center console.

You start noticing the difference only when you try to roll down the windows. The switches for power window don’t work anymore because the regular has now been replaced with bulletproof glass. All the windows are now bullet proof. The windows cannot be opened for security reason and also the glass is now too heavy for the power window mechanism to work.

Vlogger takes a closer look at Chief Minister’s Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser

The vlogger then takes the Land Cruiser for a spin. It is not just the glass area that is bullet proof. The panoramic sunroof is also sealed and all the body panels also get armour protection. All the doors get kevlar which makes it bulletproof and quite heavy as well. The under body and the engine bay of the Land Cruiser get a thick metal plating which protects the occupants from an attack.

All these modifications have definitely increased the weight of the SUV. A stock Land Crusier weighs almost 2.2 tons and with the addition of armour plating, the Land Cruiser now weighs over 4 tons. The suspension on the SUV has been modified to bear all this weight and the tyres also gets a sealant which heals the tyre from inside, it is has a small puncture on it.

The added weight has definitely affected the performance of Land Cruise. It is not as quick as the stock version which is expected. Another noticeable change is the amount of body roll. The body roll in the bulletproof version is more in comparison to the regular version. Even though, the Land Cruser weighed almost double its original weight, it never felt too slow. It is powered by a 4.5 litre V8 diesel engine that generates 261 Ps and 650 Nm of peak torque. The vlogger wrongly mentions that it is powered by a 5.7 litre V8 petrol engine. Toyota only offered Land Cruiser in India with a diesel engine. The diesel V8 is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission with full time 4WD system.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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