Chilling footage: CCTV saves Maruti Ertiga driver from going to jail

With the rising accidents on the Indian roads, insurance companies now take various steps to make sure that the claim is not a fake one. As per reports, India sees almost 400 deaths due to road accidents and the figure has been rising with each passing year. This bone-chilling footage came from a CCTV camera, had it not been there, the driver of the car could have faced some serious charges.

What exactly happened?

The accident took place on a busy road of Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad. From the CCTV, we see few jaywalkers crossing the busy road negotiating the oncoming traffic. As few people successfully cross the road, one of them stands and wait at the divider of the road. The pedestrian lets few cars go and when he spots a slightly bigger car – a Maruti Ertiga to be precise, he suddenly throws himself under the car. The man dies as the car runs over him.

What could have happened?

The innocent man, a doctor, driving the MPV was booked under section 304-a of IPC, which states death caused during rash or negligent act. The cops have seized the vehicle and the case is a trail in a court.

The driver of the Ertiga could have been facing jail time if the CCTV footage did not appear in time. Currently, the case of the driver has become stronger after seeing the footage that clearly shows the man intentionally throwing himself in front of the vehicle.

How to prevent such incidents?

It was the driver’s lucky day that the CCTV footage was discovered. Had it not been there, the driver could have faced serious criminal charges. The best way to prove innocence in such cases: a dashcam. It would have been more than enough.

In many foreign countries, having a dashcam has caught up with the trend. The dashcam footage helps such people to get through insurance claims easily. The video footage from the dashcam is admissible in court as a legal evidence in cases where the driver has been wrongfully booked.

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