Chilling footage shows four looting Rs 2 crore from a car in Delhi

Delhi and surrounding regions are quite infamous for the Thak-Thak gang loots. But a recent video shows a robbery incident, which is quite different from the smooth operations done by the Thak-Thak gang members. Chilling video footage shows four people looting a car in Rohini, Delhi at a gunpoint. A businessman travelling in the car with his relative that the robbers looted Rs 1 crore 97 lakh cash from the car.

The footage is recorded by a CCTV camera installed at a private property. The video shows a well-lit street and a sedan stopped behind a scooter. We are not sure why the sedan driver stopped behind the scooter. It seems like the guy on the scooter faked an accident to stop the car.

Within a few seconds, a guy arrives from behind the car and breaks the driver-side window with a sharp object. A couple of more gang members arrive at the spot. They forcefully get the boot unlocked and removed three bags from it. They even threatened the occupants in the car with a gun.

The businessman Narendra Kumar Agarwal and his relative Karan Agarwal were travelling from the Chandni Chowk area when the incident happened. From the actions of the robbers, it seems like they knew exactly where the money is kept and targeted them in an isolated area.

Car robberies are quite common

This is not an isolated incident where a gang of robbers tried to loot a car. There are many such infamous gangs like thak-thak gang, axle gang and more who do such robberies quite often. The operation procedure of the thak-thak gang is also well-documented in the CCTV cameras and even the cops have made numerous arrests. The gang lures the driver to come out of the vehicle by throwing money or saying that oil is leaking from the radiator. When the alone driver comes out of the vehicle, they take out bags that contain valuables like a laptop or cash. They also have different approaches like becoming a pedestrian and alleging that the car has hit them.

The axle gang operates on the Yamuna Expressway and they keep big rocks in the middle of the highway. When the rocks hit the vehicle, it goes out of control. In most cases, the axle of the vehicle breaks, which is how the gang got its name. They then loot the car and occupants and run away from the spot. There are gangs that do such things to the truck drivers and loot cash and other material that they carry. In a few cases, they even dress like policemen to confuse the motorists. It is always a good idea to travel only when there is ample light and travel at night only if you know the route very well.

Shantonil Nag

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