China bans Tesla cars from its govt offices: Here’s why

The Chinese military authority has banned Tesla cars from any Chinese military complexes and housing compounds. The ban comes after the concerns over sensitive data collected by the cameras of the Tesla vehicles.

China bans Tesla cars from its govt offices: Here’s why

The order advises all the Tesla car owners to park the vehicle outside the military property. The information remains private and was relayed to the residents of the military housing societies and other officials earlier this week. The ban is triggered due to Tesla cars collecting sensitive data. Interestingly all Tesla vehicles come with in-built cameras and sensors that are helpful in the self-drive modes.

The images of the notice board talking about the ban have become viral on social media platforms. There are several cameras used by Tesla cars to watch their surroundings and the Chinese fear that it might be collecting sensitive information through these cameras. That is why any Tesla vehicle will remain away from the military facilities.

Tesla cars have multiple cameras that are located outside the vehicle. These cameras gather information about the surroundings and help the driver to drive the vehicle on the road, help guide parking, autopilot and also self-driving functions. Tesla also has cabin cameras too. These cameras are used to detect if the driver is looking at the road, wearing sunglasses, have enough concentration to drive and more.

Elon Musk responds

China bans Tesla cars from its govt offices: Here’s why

Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla operates one of the biggest Tesla factories in the world in China. He has responded to the ban by saying that his company’s vehicles would never be used for spying in China. He also said that there is a very strong incentive for them to be confidential with any information.

China is the largest electric vehicle market in the world. It is also home to Tesla’s Gigafactory where the Model Y and the Model 3 production happens. The factory was set-up in 2019 with government support. However, Tesla in China has also attracted a lot of government authorities. Last month, Chinese officials summoned Tesla officials to face questions about the quality of its Shanghai-made vehicles.

This is not the first time that Tesla vehicles are facing problems because of the use of cameras. Last week, a group of hackers claimed that they breached the trove of security-camera data collected by Verkada, which allowed them to gain access to various types of footage, including the ones inside the Tesla warehouse in Shanghai, China.

The hackers said that they got access to about 222 cameras in the Tesla factories and warehouses. The hackers breached the data that shows how digital surveillance and ease with which these systems can be hacked into. Tesla China claimed that one of its suppliers was hacked and the data from the Chinese Gigafactory is stored in secure local servers that remain safe and secure.

Tesla officially announced its entry into the Indian market earlier this year. The automobile giant may set-up a factory in India at a later date.