China’s most luxurious copycat car is a mix of Rolls Royce & Bentley

China’s market is one of the biggest market automobile markets in the world. They are one of the most influential markets. Famous German manufacturer, BMW redesigned their grilles to be big because China’s market tends to like it. However, China’s market itself is known to copy the design of big manufacturers and successful cars. They even copy famous motorcycles and sell them in their market.  We have already covered quite a few of these copycats on our website. But today we bring you the most luxurious Chinese copycat vehicle that is on sale in China.

China’s most luxurious copycat car is a mix of Rolls Royce & Bentley

The new luxury car is called Hongqi H9. The vehicle is here is a special edition known as Forbidden City edition as it pays a tribute to the Forbidden City through its design language. Having said that the design does resemble a lot to Rolls Royce and the Bentleys. The car was showcased at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show.

The front fascia of the H9 resembles a lot to the Rolls Royce Ghost with those slim LED headlamps and grille with vertical chrome slats that are copied from the Rolls Royce’s grille. If you look from the side profile, the overall design language is quite similar to the Bentley Flying Spur. Then there are the alloy wheels that are also inspired by the Rolls Royce Ghost. While the rear of the H9 looks quite a lot like a Cadillac CT5 with its sloping roofline and vertical tail lamps.

China’s most luxurious copycat car is a mix of Rolls Royce & Bentley

The “Forbidden City Edition” here comes with a 3.0T version. It is powered by a supercharged V6 petrol engine that is capable of producing 283 bhp of max power and a peak torque output of 400 Nm. Then there is a less powerful turbocharged, four-cylinder that produces 252 bhp of max power and 380 Nm of peak torque. Both the engines are mated to a 7-speed Dual-Clutch automatic gearbox that drives the rear wheels.

The vehicle is finished in a two-tone paint job like some Mercedes Mayback vehicles. The lower part is coloured red while the upper portion that starts from the bonnet is painted black. There is gold pinstriping that goes between both colours. At the front, the huge grille is surrounded by a chrome piece that integrates with the headlamps. There is a chrome strip that runs in the lower half of the bumper.

Despite being such a long vehicle, the boot space of the H9 measures just 370-litres which is less than compared to some of the compact sedans available in our Indian market. For context, the wheelbase and the length of the H9 are similar to a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The interior of the H9 is very luxurious. It has premium materials such as leather, chrome and piano-black plastic. The dashboard design is similar to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class with two displays taking the centre stage. However, they are not floating type. There is a digital drivers display and a tilted touchscreen infotainment system in the centre of the dashboard. The reviewers said that the material quality is barely up to the mark for such a luxurious vehicle. There is a centre line that goes from the front bonnet to the dashboard and finally ends in the centre console.

If you opt for the higher variants you get massaging seats for the rear occupants, entertainment centre, refrigerator, three-zone climate control, electrical adjustment for the rear seats and you can even control the front passenger seat from the rear seat. There is enough legroom on offer, thanks to the long wheelbase.