Chinese Tiktokker builds double-width Volkswagen car!

There’s no denying that we have seen some weird, whacky and also some useful modified cars here on Cartoq. However, what we have never seen before is a car modified like this. As much as you rub your eyes, we can assure you that this Volkswagen sedan is not a photoshop, rather it’s a work of creativity by a genius YouTuber and Tiktoker from the People’s Republic of China. The car based on a regular 5-seater Volkswagen Lamando sedan has been neatly modified into a considerably wider vehicle which has been given the name of Lamando 5XL.

A comprehensive video of this one-of-a-kind automobile has been shared by Wheelsboy – a youtube channel which shares videos of cars from the Chinese car market. According to the reviewer the Lamando 5XL has been created by cutting a standard Lamando in half and adding metal in between to extend its width. The new width of the car measures a staggering 3 meters. From the video, we can note that the job has been done extremely professionally and no immediate signs of the car being cut up and welded can be spotted.

The person that built the car did not try to make it look like anything else instead he just made it like a stock car with a much wider appearance. He neatly redesigned the front and back of the car to look just like the factory car by adding similar elements used in the original car.

On the inside as well the car seems to built with great attention to detail. A two-person bench seat is provided inside the VW Lamando 5XL right next to the driver. Meanwhile, a 3-person bench seat in the back has been enlarged to seat 5 people. The Lamando 5XL’s designer asserts that even though it only has 8 seats, it can easily hold 10 people inside it.

Furthermore, the reviewer also shows that the interior of the Lamando 5XL features a few more added screens that extended from the middle to all the way at the end of the dashboard. He points out that the driver’s side of the dashboard and all the equipment and accessories in it are from the standard car. He reveals that the screen in the middle and side seem to be desktop monitors modified to be used as infotainment screens. He also shows a computer mouse attached to one of the screens.

Chinese Tiktokker builds double-width Volkswagen car!

The size of the Volkswagen Lamando 5XL is nearly double that of the regular 5-door sedan. However in terms of the powertrain, the modified VW sedan retains the same engine as the standard vehicle, but it is mounted under the hood on the driver’s side, leaving a sizable opening on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Moving on, the modified Lamando 5XL features an acrylic windshield and rear glasses because the cost of producing custom glasses would have been extremely high. Another key highlight shown by the reviewer was that the rear hatch was extremely heavy.