Chrome wrap for your car, absolute bling now in India

If you saw one of these cars coming down the road at you in bright sunlight, you should put on the darkest shade of sunglasses you’ve got. These cars are the ultimate in bling, done up completely in chrome! Yes, they are bright.

A Mercedes CLS, a BMW 5-Series, or perhaps an Audi A6 once made a statement just as they were, but now with these cars also becoming increasingly common, one needs some degree of personalization to literally stand out in a crowd. And so, many have resorted to chrome-wrapping entire cars.

Chrome wrap for your car, absolute bling now in India

This is not as expensive a process as the original chroming of a car, which involved dipping individual body panels in chrome – a trend that is quite prevalent in the Middle East with some ultra-luxury cars. This is a faster and more cost-effective solution, that’s being offered by Jeep Tyres India in Mumbai, a company that also deals in a range of off-road tyres. Related: Five points to consider when buying new tyres

The chrome wrapping costs between Rs. 350 to Rs. 450 per square foot, which means it would cost you about Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakh to wrap an average premium hatchback or sedan. Think chrome wrap is not your style? Then try Gold wrap to show your neighbours who the boss really is! Or, if you’re more the down-to-earth sporty types, you could slap on some carbon-fibre wrapping, which does look good when tastefully done just on the bonnet or roof of some sedans. The gold and carbon fibre wrapping also cost about the same per square foot.

Pavan Anand of Jeep Tyres India says he sources these film wraps from Taiwan, Dubai or Germany depending on the type and brand that a customer wants. These films come with a one-year warranty and should easily last a few years depending on how careful you are with the car. Also read: Five ideas to modify a Gypsy

And that’s the point. These vinyl films have another benefit. Since they are applied over the original paintwork of the car, they act as a protective layer. Once the owner gets bored with the film he can remove it and the original paintwork stays protected. This could help in resale value of the car as well.

A word of caution though. Chrome-wrapping the entire car isn’t legal. You could opt for a transparent film or only chrome wrap some sections, just as long as the predominant colour of the car matches what’s in your registration certificate. Also read: Performance modifications for your car for under Rs. 50,000

So who wants some bling in their lives?

Photo credit: JeepTyresIndia