Maruti Ciaz pierced by guardrail after high-speed maneuver goes wrong

In a horrific accident that took place in Dindigul in Tamil Nadu, a Maruti Ciaz crashed into a guardrail on the highway. The guardrail pierced right through the vehicle. A Cartoq reader, Mr Selva Gopal has sent us the details and the pictures of the horrific crash.

What happened exactly?

Maruti Ciaz pierced by guardrail after high-speed maneuver goes wrong

The accident took place on NH-45 that runs from Dindigul to Trichy. The accident happened when a Ciaz at a high-speed tried overtaking another vehicle at high-speed. The crash happened on an overbridge, which was narrower than the main road.

Ciaz, which was being driven at a very high-speed lost control as soon as it overtook a vehicle. The out of control vehicle flipped a few times, which explains the deformed roof. The Ciaz then hit a guardrail, which pierced through the vehicle. The guard rail entered from the floor of the vehicle and came out of the windshield.

The roll has also caused the boot lid of the car to come off. According to witness, the car had two occupants, and both of them escaped with minor injuries. The car, however, could not escape the massive impact of the accident, and sustained heavy damage.

Maruti Ciaz pierced by guardrail after high-speed maneuver goes wrong

Unsafe Indian roads?

Maruti Ciaz pierced by guardrail after high-speed maneuver goes wrong

Open-ended guard rails can prove to be fatal. The guard rails, which are put for the safety of the vehicles can also be grave hazards if not installed/maintained properly. Safeguard rails mostly have barriers at the end to save the vehicles from any such incident. Also, many foreign countries also use cable barriers to reduce such risks.

  • Overspeeding can be extremely dangerous on the Indian roads. Always take the speed limits seriously. Driving at higher speed mean that there is lesser time to react during emergency braking situations.
  • Always overtake from the right side of the vehicles after ensuring that you have a clear view of the road ahead. Not checking the road ahead can throw sudden obstacles on your way.
  • Always keep an eye on all the three mirrors when on the road. If you see a sudden obstacle on the road, you will know if you can steer away from it safely without other cars hitting you from behind.
  • Be slower while crossing the overbridges. Bridges have narrower space than the ground roads and have higher chances of accidents due to the limited space.
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