Watch CISF personnel use all-new Tata Safari convoy for VIP safety & evacuation

Tata Safari, in the past, has always been the first choice of VIPs and politicians. Over the years, the Tata Safari got replaced after it was discontinued from the market but it is back and Central Industrial Security Force or CISF has already picked up a few all-new Safari SUVs to demonstrate various drills during the 52nd Raising Day that happened in Ghaziabad.

CISF personnel was showing how they form a convoy to protect the VIP among various other things including the pattern of the bodyguards walking around and the various actions they do while protecting someone. The most interesting part of the exercise was the vehicle that they used. There are several brand-new Tata Safari SUVs that were used during the drill. These are brand-new Safari vehicles and a few of them were not even registered.

The drill shows CISF entering the road with several Tata Safari SUVs. The VIP was in one of the Safari cars. The pilot car leads ahead and after it gives the clearance, the SSG or Special Security Group that are exclusively trained for such jobs walk with the VIP to the stage and recreate a real-life scenario. After ending the speech, when the VIP was returning to the vehicle, someone attacks the VIP and the SSG makes a quick evacuation.

The drill also shows bomb attacks on the convoy. The VIP convoy goes in reverse and takes a high-speed J-turn to leave from the spot and reach a safe house.

Tata Safari as a VIP car?

Watch CISF personnel use all-new Tata Safari convoy for VIP safety & evacuation

During the drill, the commentator says that these are bulletproof cars. However, we do not think that these are bulletproof cars as Tata does not offer the same yet and it takes a long time to convert a regular vehicle to a bulletproof vehicle. However, there is a possibility that CISF and other security agencies have already acquired the Tata Safari vehicles and are already working on converting them to bulletproof vehicles as we talk about it.

Recently, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh placed an order for new bulletproof vehicles. There are a number of Tata Hexa MUVs on the list and these are all bulletproof vehicles. With the arrival of the Tata Safari, we are sure that many politicians will choose in the future. The Tata Safari has always been an iconic name when it comes to politicians and we think that the time will come back in the future.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhave Thackrey already has a few Tata Harrier vehicles in his convoy. However, we are not sure if these vehicles are bulletproof are just standard Tata Harrier vehicles. However, any vehicle can be converted into bulletproof cars. Even Tata has a vast defence portfolio and has numerous bulletproof and armoured vehicles. In fact, the last generation Tata Safari Storme is the official vehicle of the Indian armed forces. Tata also supplies the Hexa to the Bangladesh army.