CISF cop pulls gun on bus driver for not giving way to army convoy [Video]

Wearing the badge of valour and pride, army personnel are respected and given way wherever the vehicles carrying them roll on the road. However, a rare situation emerges when they face a situation where their movement is obstructed by common people while driving. Though, even then, retaliation from army personnel is a rare phenomenon to happen. However, a recent incident on the Bengaluru-Krishnagiri highway shocked everyone, in which a CISF sub-inspector slapped a bus driver for not giving way to a military convoy he was escorting.

The said incident happened near Gurubarapalli on the Bengaluru-Krishnagiri highway on 6th February, when a driver of a Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) bus allegedly didn’t give way to a sensitive military cargo tailing it. Escorted by another vehicle with Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel, the army convoy was heading to Bengaluru from Vellore.

CISF cop pulls gun on bus driver for not giving way to army convoy [Video]

Even after repetitive honking, the bus driver refused to give side to the convoy of CISF. Agitated by this move, the escort vehicle carrying CISF personnel overtook the bus and stopped ahead of it. A CISF sub-inspector named Prathap got off the escort vehicle and confronted the bus driver for his antics. After a heated argument, the CISF sub-inspector even slapped the bus driver.

CISF cop pulls gun on bus driver for not giving way to army convoy [Video]

Seeing this, the people inside the bus were also confronted by the CISF SI, but what followed after that shocked everyone on this bus. The CISF SI reportedly took out his gun and pointed at them to fear them out, for the people inside the buys were in solidarity with the driver.

CISF cop pulls gun on bus driver for not giving way to army convoy [Video]

Tamil Nadu Police intervened

CISF cop pulls gun on bus driver for not giving way to army convoy [Video]

The Tamil Nadu police intervened in the matter, and after its initial investigation, it concluded that the bus driver was not aware that the vehicle behind them was a military convoy escorted by CISF personnel.

Even the CISF sub-inspector has apologised to the bus driver and all the people on the bus for his retaliative action. According to him, he took out his gun as a precautionary act, as he was fearing mob action on him while he was surrounded by the public inside the bus. Even the military convoy led by the CISF personnel was sensitive, which required a safety and precautionary act of taking out the gun.

The Tamil Nadu police sent both the bus driver and CISF sub-inspector after a mutual agreement, citing the reason that they did not want to escalate the matter and create further confusion.

Road Rage

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