Watch CISF guard JUMP from a moving Mahindra Bolero into a Tata Indigo in security drill [Video]

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is one of the largest government security forces in India provides security cover to the most important installations in the country. The force demonstrated their capability and the advanced level of training when it comes to terrorist attacks. CISF demonstrated how they act in a situation when a terrorist attack happens at an airport. This happened during the celebration of Ekta Diwas at the Kevadia, Gujarat in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The demonstration to the public and senior government officials showed a temporary airport terminal and used it as a mock terrorist attack. The CISF personnel can be seen doing all kinds of stunts and manoeuvres to extract the VIP from the airport terminal. What caught our attention was the exit process that used a bunch of vehicles. After the VIP was extracted successfully from the airport terminal, he was made to sit in a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. The video shows a terrorist vehicle following the Gypsy.

This is when the real car action starts and a Mahindra Bolero can be seen intercepting the terrorist occupied Tata Indigo. The Bolero then drags the Tata Indigo several feet in reverse while a CISF personnel comes out of the Bolero and jumps at the front windshield of the Indigo to break it and enter the vehicle. The CISF personnel then takes over the Tata Indigo. A similar manoeuvre is made by another CISF team who can enter the vehicle from the front windshield after breaking it with the feet.

Watch CISF guard JUMP from a moving Mahindra Bolero into a Tata Indigo in security drill [Video]

Later a third Tata Indigo was surrounded and blocked by two Mahindra Boleros from front and rear. The CISF soldiers can be seen entering the vehicle by jumping on the front and rear windshields. Later, the video shows CISF tackling the terrorists and bringing the situation under the control. The video also shows Mahindra Marksmen armoured vehicles standing at a guard position.

This is not the first time that CISF showcased their skills in front of the public. In March 2019, CISF showcased how they use extreme manoeuvres to make a secure escape of VIP from terrorist attacks. In the last video, the Hindustan Ambassador sedans were used.

CISF is an integral part of the important installations like airport and metro rails in India. The forces also provide security cover to the nuclear and atomic plants in the country. The forces can also be hired by private entities to provide security cover. Industries like Reliance have hired CISF to provide personal security to the Ambani family. The family is often spotted with CISF personnel guarding them wherever they move. Also, Infosys campuses of Bangalore and Pune have CISF security cover.