CISF personnel expertly drive Hindustan Ambassador sedans out of trouble situations [Video]

Hindustan Motors and the Ambassador sedan played a crucial role in India’s automotive industry. It served as a status symbol for affluent individuals in India and was frequently used to transport politicians and government officials. Unfortunately, it was discontinued from the market in 2014. As previously mentioned, the Ambassador was a key component of Indian politicians’ motorcades. In the following video, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) showcases a VIP motorcade escape drill featuring the Hindustan Motors Ambassador.

The drill was showcased to the public and government officials during the 50th Raising Day of CISF. During this event, newly recruited CISF personnel demonstrated their skills through a series of drills. All participants in the drill held the rank of sub-inspector. One of the most captivating demonstrations was conducted by the CISF, showcasing the rescue maneuvers executed by their trained personnel in the event of an attack on a VIP convoy.

In the beginning, a VIP motorcade consisting of three Hindustan Ambassador vehicles can be observed strategically advancing towards a public gathering. As the vehicles decelerate near the destination, the Personnel Security Officers (PSOs) step out of the Hindustan Ambassador cars in a synchronized manner, positioning themselves on the door sills to gain a comprehensive view of the surroundings. They swiftly join the middle vehicle, which carries the VIP, and begin walking alongside it. Two additional CISF personnel replicate this maneuver, converging with the VIP vehicle to provide security coverage. The four security personnel establish a perimeter around the VIP vehicle, moving at a brisk pace while continuously scanning the environment.

Once the Hindustan Ambassador convoy arrives at the venue, CISF officials survey the surroundings for potential threats. Additionally, another personnel disembarks from the VIP vehicle to provide an added layer of security. As depicted in the video, this stage poses a significant risk as the VIP can be targeted from nearby high-rise buildings, which have been the site of numerous assassination attempts in the past. The VIP proceeds to the public stage, where CISF personnel are observed forming a 360-degree protective shield to safeguard against any potential gunfire. Meanwhile, the Ambassadors are parked in a marshalling formation, ready for a swift getaway if necessary.

CISF personnel expertly drive Hindustan Ambassador sedans out of trouble situations [Video]
CISF showcasing driving skills

During the demonstration, the VIP is targeted by an attack from the crowd, prompting the CISF to adopt an “interpose” formation to keep the VIP in the center as they move towards the convoy. As the convoy begins to move, a soldier provides cover by remaining outside momentarily and then swiftly enters the sweeping vehicle by leaping through its open rear window.

The demonstration also includes a scenario involving a bomb attack, which necessitates the vehicles coming to a halt. To counter this threat, the convoy executes a skillful maneuver known as the J-Turn. This technique involves driving the vehicle in reverse gear at high speed while swiftly turning the steering wheel, enabling the vehicle to make a 180-degree turn rapidly. In the escape sequence, the Ambassador convoy is pursued by two Tata Indigo sedans, operated by the attackers. To impede the attackers’ progress, the sweeping vehicle reduces speed and engages in a gun battle, while a Quick Reaction Team (QRT) makes its way towards the convoy. Two Mahindra Boleros, manned by CISF personnel, block the attackers’ path and neutralize them through a combination of force and tactical maneuvers.

The video also showcases a similar situation where terrorists hijack a full-size bus. In response, CISF personnel employ a range of tactics and strategies to regain control of the bus. The CISF is entrusted with the task of ensuring security for significant industries in India, including atomic and nuclear plants throughout the country. They also bear the responsibility of safeguarding major airports in India, as well as the Delhi metro. In addition, the CISF offers security coverage to private individuals and companies in exchange for a predetermined fee. Currently, numerous private establishments have availed themselves of their services. Notable examples include the protection provided by the CISF to Infosys campuses in Bangalore and Pune, as well as the Reliance refinery in Jamnagar. Furthermore, in 2013, the Mukesh Ambani family enlisted the CISF for their personal safety. The Ambani family is frequently seen accompanied by CISF personnel who travel in security vehicles such as Range Rovers or Ford Endeavours to ensure the family’s protection.