Citizen complains about cop riding without helmet: Commissioner suspends him! [Video]

While the government is planning to tighten the noose around the lawbreakers on the public roads with the new Motor Vehicle Act in India, the law enforcers are still breaking the laws without any fear in the broad daylight. There are numerous incidents where the police officers can be seen riding motorcycles in uniform across the country. Many vigilant citizens take pictures and make videos of such policemen and upload them on the various social media platform. One such incident reported by a vigilant citizen has caused the suspension of a Sub-Inspector. Interestingly, the picture was uploaded today!

The incident is from Chennai where a citizen uploaded a picture of sub-inspector Tr S. Madhan Kumar on Twitter. The policeman could be seen riding on a motorcycle without a helmet. In fact, the helmet can be seen placed on the fuel tank in front of him. After the picture was uploaded, the office of the Joint Commissioner of Police, South Zone, Greater Chennai Police ordered an investigation. Today, an order of suspension was given to the lawbreaking police officer through an official statement.

The office of JCP said in the order – For his dereliction of duty by riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet at South Usman Road, T. Nagar at 0910 hours on 26.07.2019 by violating the Honourable High Court of Madras Order dated 28.06.2019 in W.P. No. 1621/2018 and Circular Memorandum in Rc.nO. E-110755/Genl.1 dt. 04.07.2019 of the Director-General of Police, Tamil Nadu Chennai-4, the police sub-inspector has been placed under suspension with immediate effect.

Cop Helmet Suspension

The order further says that during the suspension, the sub-inspector will receive Subsistence Allowance and Dearness Allowance admissible under FR53(1) and in addition, he will be paid HRA and CCA as admissible. The order has also asked the sub-inspector to remain in the Chennai city for the duration of the suspension and ordered him to take necessary permissions before leaving the city. The cop has also been asked to submit his Police Kit within 48 hours.

The suspension period is not known yet. It should be noted that the picture of the violation was uploaded by the citizen today. This is one of the quickest decisions that we have come across in recent times. There are many such incidents that have been reported on the social media platforms in the past but most of these reports go unchecked or the authorities hand over the regular challans and fines.

This is definitely a bold step taken by the police department of Chennai and it is expected to send the message across. In the past, a police officer in uniform even abused a citizen who asked questions about the helmet. We do hope that the police departments across the nation become stricter when it comes to following the law and take such actions to ensure that the law enforcers do not become the lawbreakers.