Citroen C3 EV to make its debut on 29 Sep: Here are the details

Citroen has just pulled off a shocker by announcing that it will be dropping the curtains off from the electric version of the newly launched C3 hatchback. The new Citroen C3 EV will make its global debut on September 29 and will arrive on the Indian shores officially by early 2023.

Citroen C3 EV to make its debut on 29 Sep: Here are the details
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According to the CEO of Stellantis Group, Citroen was already planning to launch a sub-four metre all-electric offering for the Indian market. And now, this new announcement has made it clear that it is going to be the electric version of the C3. Like the standard petrol-powered C3, the C3 EV is also one of the offerings from Citroen’s C-cubed programme in India, which will be locally assembled here at Citroen’s manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu.

The new Citroen C3 EV will share the CMP platform with the C3 hatchback, which will see alterations to accommodate the new electric powertrain. It should be noted that the electrified version of this platform already underpins other offerings from Stellantis Group, such as the newly-unveiled Jeep Avenger and Peugeot e-208.

The all-electric Citroen C3 was recently seen on test on the Indian roads, in which only the front fender of the vehicle was wrapped with camouflage. It speculates that the charging socket of the Citroen C3 EV might be positioned on the front fender. Other than this minor change, the Citroen C3 EV will likely borrow the design and stance of the petrol C3, including the highlights like halogen headlamps with split daytime running LEDs, colour-coded exterior bits and high ground clearance.

Expected range of 350 km

Citroen C3 EV to make its debut on 29 Sep: Here are the details

While the technical details of the C3 EV are still kept under wraps by Citroen, expect it to get a 50 kWh battery, which might return a range of around 350 km. The Citroen C3 EV will be a front-wheel-drive vehicle, with about 135 hp electric motor mounted on the front axle. The electric motor is said to have a power output of around 140-150 hp.

The Citroen C3 EV is coming just at the right time when Tata Motors has launched the much-awaited Tiago EV. However, in terms of price and size, the new Citroen C3 EV is expected to be positioned between the Tiago EV and the Nexon EV. Expect the new C3 EV to have a starting price of around Rs 10-11 lakh (ex-showroom), once it goes on sale in the Indian car market. In addition to the C3 EV, Citroen is also preparing a slew of other products for India, which includes a midsize SUV and a compact MPV, the latter of which is likely to be a three-row version of the C3.

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