Citroen C3X Coupe SUV Slated For June-July launch; Will Citroen Avoid Previous Mistakes?

Citroen C3X Launch Timeline Featured

Citroen India is gearing up for the launch of its newest model, the C3X coupe SUV. The new car is expected to hit the Indian market in the middle of 2024. This coupe-SUV, based on the C3 Aircross, promises a unique design, with a coupe-like roofline, notchback design, and crossover-inspired elements.

Citroen C3X Coupe SUV Slated For June-July launch; Will Citroen Avoid Previous Mistakes?

Wait, what’s a coupe SUV?

For those unaware, a coupe-SUV design merges sporty looks with SUV functionality. In simple terms, a coupe-SUV is a 4-door car with a sleek, sloping roofline like that of a coupe, but one that retains the higher stance, ground clearance and overall ruggedness of an SUV.

This creates a stylish and aerodynamic vehicle with good cargo space (but less headroom in the back), and a commanding driving position. It’s perfect for drivers who want both practicality and a head-turning design.

Citroen C3X Coupe SUV Slated For June-July launch; Will Citroen Avoid Previous Mistakes?

The C3X will be based on the same C-Cubed platform as the C3, eC3, and C3 AirCross. Like the C3 and C3 AirCross, the C3X will also offer a petrol-only variant at launch. An all-electric version will join the lineup in 2025. The C3X will share multiple features and equipment with its counterparts to keep overall costs under control. Unlike previous Citroen models that faced criticism for not offering much, the C3X will come better equipped right from the beginning.

The C3X  is expected to come with features such as electric folding mirrors, automatic climate control, cruise control, wireless charging, LED headlamps, push-button start, and keyless entry. These enhancements aim to position the C3X competitively against rivals in the segment, such as the upcoming Tata Curvv. The Currv will also makes its debut later this year, and was recently showcased at the Bharat Mobility Expo of 2024.

Powering the C3X will be a 1.2-liter turbo-petrol engine producing 110 Bhp and 190 Nm of torque. Buyers will have two transmission choices: either a 6 manual or torque converter automatic boxes. While the power figures may seem low compared to rivals offering larger engines, an all-electric variant will follow up, targeting the audience who want great acceleration. However, only one engine offering can be a letdown for some buyers, spoilt for choice from other automaker.

The launch timeline for the C3X is expected to be around June–July 2024, with the electric version planned to follow in early 2025. While there are no Coupe-SUVs on sale in this segment except the upcoming Tata Curvv, price-wise, the C3X is expected to rival the Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Virtus, and Skoda Slavia.

With the C3X, will Citroen India avoid previous mistakes?

We think they will. A case in point is the focus on offering an adequate feature set on the upcoming C3X coupe SUV. Citroen, in its past launches, has focused on sharp pricing, and in the process giving many features the miss. This has made Citroen’s offerings appear quite basic, and even a generation behind competition. To fix this, the company has already announced a refresh for the C3 AirCross SUV. This thought process is likely to filter down to the C3X Coupe SUV, which will be taking on the upcoming Tata Currv.

The other sticky bit is the on-ground presence of Citroen. Currently, the French brand operates with just 58 dealerships across India. No mass market brand can afford such a low footprint, especially when leading rivals have 100s of dealerships across the length and breadth of the country. Citroen has embarked on an aggressive dealership expansion strategy in India. By the end of 2024, the brand aims to quadruple its presence in India, with 200 dealerships.

More sales = more visibility

Citroen C3X Coupe SUV Slated For June-July launch; Will Citroen Avoid Previous Mistakes?

More sales = more visibility, and that leads to even more sales – a self fulfilling prophecy. Currently, Citroen is doing about 500 monthly units. That’s laughable, in the Indian context, where market leaders do 10 times that much in a single day. To make enough people look up and take notice of Citroen, the brand needs to put more cars on the road. Step #1 towards this has already been taken. Citroen has just tied up with electric taxi operator BluSmart, and will deploy 4,000 units of the eC3 Electric hatchback shortly.

This should give the brand decent visibility, at least in Tier I cities of the country. The next logical step would be to push for higher monthly volumes. Citroen is targeting monthly sales of 2,500 units through a combination of new launches – C3X coupe SUV and C3X Electric – and aggressive dealership expansion. Once this happens, more car buyers may begin Citroen as a worthwhile alternative to other mass market car brands.