Citroen C5 AirCross in a Moose Test [Video]

Mentality of the Indian car buyers have changed over the year. Five to 10 years ago everyone was thinkong of buying a car that is reliable and is to maintain. Things changed over the years and now we are focusing on safety and features a car can offer. This change among people came because many foreign manufacturers made their entrance into our market and are doing well. Brands like MG and Kia are some of the recent examples. One such Brand that plans to make an entry in India soon is Citroen with an SUV, C5 Aircross. The French manufacturer had already showcased the C5 Aircross and has been spotted testing on Indian roads. Here we have a video of a Citroen C5 Aircross doing a Moose test. How did it perform? Let us find that out in the video.

Before we start talking about the outcome, why is it necessary to conduct a moose test?. Moose test is basically a method to check how fastly can a car maneuver when it faces with emergency direction changes. In this test, the driver swerves a moving car into left direction and then immediately to the opposite direction and checks if the car skids, flips or if the steering is fully under control. It is done to imitate an emergency lane change maneuver when an object or animal suddenly comes in front of the car.

The video has been uploaded by KM77. In this video, C5 is put on test under different speed. Initailly, Aircross does the Moose test at 73 Kmph. The car remained very stable and succesfully changed lane to left and then back to the right one. Next, it approaches the cone at a speed of 79 Kmph and still manages to remain stable and driver could maneuver the SUV without too much effort. Same test is done at a higher speed of 81 kmph and 84 Kmph, here also the C5 stays stable, but due to the higher speed,it hits couple of cones that were put in between. The C5 Aircross performed pretty well and the performance was good.

Citroen C5 AirCross in a Moose Test [Video]

Coming back to C5 Aircross, it will be launched as a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) but there will be a certain level of localisation to ensure that the price of the vehicle remains competitive. It is likely to get a petrol and a diesel engine. More details of the car will follow in the coming Citroen is expected to launch the C5 Aircross in the secong half of 2020.