Citroen puts out first AirCross SUV TVC for the Indian market [Video]

Citroen, a part of the PSA Group will soon make its Indian debut. The manufacturer will launch the first car in the Indian market in 2020 and they have already started putting India-specific TVC to establish the brand in the country. Citroen is a well-known brand and will launch the AirCross C5 SUV in the Indian market as their first vehicle. The brand has already made an alliance with the CK Birla Group in India to set-up two manufacturing facilities in Tamil Nadu.

In their brand film, Citroen highlights the fact that they give importance to the Indian market and will ensure that the Indian customers get the perfect vehicle for use in Indian conditions. The AirCross C5 will be tweaked for the Indian conditions and all other vehicles that will follow the C5 in the Indian market will receive similar tweaks. The brand also highlights that they will ensure digital connectivity with the Citroen dealerships in India through various platforms and it will be a 24X7 service.

Currently, the brand plans to launch a new vehicle in the Indian market every year for the next year after their first vehicle is launched. To keep the cost low, Citroen is aiming to achieve a high level of localisation in India. In the coming times, the brand may be looking at 98% localisation, which will allow the brand to price their vehicles competitively in the price-sensitive Indian market. Citroen will produce the drivetrain and transmission in India which will allow the brand to put an attractive price tag on the vehicles.

Citroen is not planning to a niche brand in India but it will target the mass segment buyers. The price tag of the vehicles will play an important role in the success of the brand in the Indian market. Their first vehicle, the C5 Aircross is already available in the international markets but the Indian version can be tweaked heavily to keep the cost of the vehicle competitive. It is based on the PSA EMP2 platform that underpins other SUVs belonging to the PSA group. The Aircross C5 looks quite different from the regular vehicles on sale and can turn a lot of heads on the road. The international-spec Aircross C5 is quite loaded with features and offers LED headlamps, wireless phone charging, touchscreen infotainment system, hydraulic suspension, emergency assistance and more.

In the brand videos released by the group in India also invites prospective dealership partners to become a part of the group. PSA will launch their first product well after the dust of the upcoming BNVSAP safety norms and BS-VI emission norm settle down in India. Both the upcoming norms will see quite a few changes in the vehicles available in the Indian market.