Classic thak-thak gang strike in heavy traffic, steal mobile phone: Captured on Dashcam

The notorious “thak-thak” gang has been operating in Delhi-NCR for years, and their influence has inspired others to carry out daylight robberies with ease, even in heavy traffic. Here is an incident involving a Honda City owner who lost his mobile phone to one of these gangs.

The incident was captured on a dashboard camera, clearly demonstrating how the gang members coordinate their robberies in broad daylight. This particular incident took place in Delhi-NCR, and it appears to be in Noida.

The dashboard camera footage shows a person walking in the opposite direction of traffic, between the lanes. Suddenly, he acts as if he has been hit by the Honda City and becomes aggressive. The robber’s hand gestures can be seen, indicating the car driver to roll down the window. Such robbers can be loud and intimidating.

Classic thak-thak gang strike in heavy traffic, steal mobile phone: Captured on Dashcam

The car driver unlocks the car, and the robber quickly enters from the co-driver side. At the same time, another gang member approaches the car from the driver’s side and starts banging on the window. This distraction allows the person inside the vehicle to steal the phone and escape.

After a few minutes, the car driver realizes that his phone is missing. He exits the car and attempts to find the robbers, but they have already fled the scene.

Various techniques employed

Apart from the method where a gang member pretends to be injured by the car, there are several other techniques used by these robbers. Some may spill oil on the front grille and claim that your vehicle is leaking oil, while others may throw money on the road and ask if it belongs to you. The methods of distracting the car driver can vary, from a flat tire to a car on fire. These incidents typically target single car occupants who are easily distracted.

An old video from Narela, Delhi, captured on a CCTV camera, reveals a shocking incident where the victim took all necessary precautions but still fell victim to a gang robbery. The video depicts a Hyundai Elite i20 navigating through a crowded road filled with cars, motorcycles, and stray cattle. The driver of the Elite i20 drives cautiously, skillfully maneuvering around the cattle on the road.

Two individuals on a black scooter can be observed tailing the vehicle. When the car slows down, the individuals knock on the window and inform the driver that his car is on fire. Simultaneously, another gang member acting as a pedestrian crosses in front of the vehicle, deliberately spilling oil and quickly moving away. The driver of the Hyundai Elite i20 remains in the car, contemplating the situation, when a lone scooter rider approaches from the driver’s side and repeats the claim that the car is on fire.

Having heard this alarming information from two different sources, the driver decides to exit the vehicle. Despite being aware of previous incidents where the gang distracts drivers and steals valuable items from their vehicles, the person holds onto their cash bag while stepping out, ensuring they won’t fall victim to a similar scheme. Bewildered, the individual stands in front of the car, attempting to ascertain if the vehicle is truly on fire and where the spilled oil came from. Suddenly, the riders on the black scooter swiftly return from behind, snatch the bag from the person’s hand, and swiftly flee the scene.

The victim has been identified as Vijay, a trader in Narela vegetable market, who had withdrawn Rs. 2.5 lakh from the bank and was on his way back when the incident occurred.

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