CLASSY accessories that will turn your regular car into a ‘super luxury’ car

More often than not, features set apart luxury cars from the budget ones. Even though there are various aftermarket car accessories available in the market, not all of them are classy. Here are few classy accessories available on the market that will turn your regular car into a super luxury one!

Automatic Side Step

Feature from: Land Rover Range Rover

Feature from: Land Rover Range Rover

Indian market is currently flooded with SUVs. The higher ground clearance of the SUVs also translates into difficulties for people to get in and out of the vehicle. Adding a side-step to the vehicle will reduce the ground clearance and defeats the purpose of buying an SUV.

To overcome the problem, there is an aftermarket accessory that folds and opens automatically with the operation of the doors. As soon as the door is opened, the side stop comes down and then retracts as soon as the door is closed.

Dynamic Turn indicators

Feature from: Audi A6 Matrix

The sweeping turn indicators in the premium Audi cars always attract a lot of attention. Such cars do not come cheap. Dynamic turn indicators transform the whole looks of the vehicle to make it look premium. There are aftermarket accessories that can add the sweeping effect to the turn indicators of any car and here is one such example.



Feature from: BMW 7-Series


While many cheaper cars are also available with HUD but they are not as information-rich like the 7-Series. HUD makes driving very easy by providing vital information like speed, navigation right in the front of your eyes. HUD makes sure that you are not distracted much by looking down everytime you need to check speed. The accessory available can be easily fixed on any car.


Cooled/Hot Seats

Feature from: BMW 5-Series

Cooled seat

Now that summers are knocking at the doors; this feature is an essential accessory that will keep you comfortable. Luxury cars come with ventilated seats whose temperature can be regulated according to the need. The regular cars do not feature such luxury, but there is a way to add ventilated seat to your car. There is thermo-electric pad available in the market that can be plugged into car’s regular socket. It changes temperature as per your need, keeps you cosy and comfortable.


Wireless Charging

Feature from: Audi Q7

Wireless charging

As the technology is leaping forward, the gadgets we use are also becoming high-tech. Modern luxury cars like the Audi Q7 come with wireless phone charging feature, which does not require any wire to be plugged into your phone. If you have a wireless charge enabled phone, you can but this after-market accessory and charge your phone without any wire while travelling in the car.


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