Closer look at a well-maintained Standard 2000 from the 80s (Video)

We have written extensively about forgotten cars in India, and one such car on the list is the Standard 2000. It was available in the market back in the 80s, and many people reading this article might not have ever seen this car on the road. The Standard 2000 was built between 1985 and 1988 in India by Standard Motor Products of India Ltd (SMPIL). While the Standard 2000 was actually a rebadged version of the Rover SD1 sold internationally, SMPIL made some changes to the car for the Indian market. These cars are now rare to find, and a well-kept version is even rarer. Here, we have a video showcasing a well-maintained Standard 2000.

The video has been shared by Baiju N Nair on his YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter discusses the history of this brand and why it was only available in the market for a short period of time. He mentions that the owner of this particular Standard 2000 has maintained the car well and is also restoring another Standard 2000. It was launched in the market at a time when the Contessa was considered a premium sedan. The Standard 2000 offered a distinct design and a long list of features. It was also expensive compared to other cars in the market, and only affluent individuals purchased it.

However, the car had a couple of problems aside from its price. The maintenance cost of this car was very high, and the fuel economy was also an issue. The company claimed a fuel efficiency of around 12 kmpl, but customers were only getting 5-6 kmpl. The central government even filed a case against the brand for false claims. Another problem with this car was the gearbox. It used a 4-speed gearbox made in India, which was unrefined and prone to issues. Due to these reasons, the car could not sustain a long period in the market.

Closer look at a well-maintained Standard 2000 from the 80s (Video)
Restored Standard 2000

The engine in the Rover SD1 was a V8 unit. However, due to various reasons, SMPIL equipped this car with a 2.0-liter petrol engine that generated around 83 PS. Although it was more powerful than other cars in the Indian market, it did not perform well. The fastback design of the car was one of the reasons why many people bought it.

In terms of dimensions, it is a huge car, and that is reflected in the interiors as well. The owner has restored the original dashboard, which includes the stock 2-spoke steering wheel, control switches, and instrument cluster. The seats are all original; only the upholstery has been redone. The car looks extremely spacious and offers a wide view for the person driving it. This was one of the most feature-loaded cars of its time, with power windows, power steering, rear defogger, and wiper. The vlogger even showcases the massive boot space and the rear seat comfort. Due to constant issues with the engine and gearbox, the owner replaced the petrol engine with a diesel engine, and it now uses a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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