CNG powered Range Rover is actually a New Maruti Brezza in disguise [Video]

The new Maruti Suzuki Brezza received a massive makeover over the first-generation Vitara Brezza, which it replaced in 2022. However, some people feel that the upright stance and a few design elements of the new Brezza look very similar to the Range Rover SUVs. It is this same belief which inspired this Maruti Suzuki Brezza owner to modify his SUV to make it look like a Range Rover, taking many design highlights from the bigger and more luxurious SUV.

Starting from the front, this modified white-coloured Maruti Suzuki Brezza gets a Range Rover-like black grille with honeycomb mesh. This grille also comes embossed with the green-coloured ovular logo of Land Rover, much like the original Range Rover. This modified Brezza also gets wide Range Rover lettering on its hood, along with after-market daytime running LEDs and LED fog lamps. It also gets body-coloured cladding on the front bumper.

Moving towards the side profile, this heavily-customized Maruti Suzuki Brezza sits on bigger 18-inch multi-spoke after-market alloy wheels, which are wrapped with lower-profile but wider 245/45 R18 tyres. The other Range Rover-like elements present in this modified Brezza include the contrasting silver-coloured stripes on the front door panels and a faux air vent on the front fender. The Brezza has also been customized with a black wrap on the roof and white colour for the wheel arch mouldings and side body claddings, which otherwise come in a theme of black.

Range Rover Evoque branding

CNG powered Range Rover is actually a New Maruti Brezza in disguise [Video]

The rear profile of this customized Maruti Suzuki Brezza has been tweaked with wide Range Rover lettering across the width of the boot lid, which also gets ‘Evoque’ and ‘Land Rover’ badges on its lower left corner. The Suzuki and Brezza badges on the boot lid have been removed for a more Range Rover-like look here. The rear profile here also gets after-market dual exhaust ports and a faux diffuser on the rear bumper. The exhaust note on this Brezza can be controlled via a remote control, resulting in a characteristic loud sound from the exhaust ports.

On the inside, the owner of this modified Brezza has customized his SUV with new soft-touch leather upholstery. The cabin here gets walnut-coloured upholstery for the inner door panels, pillars, upper layer of the dashboard, steering wheel, floor mats, front centre armrest and seats. The steering wheel also gets an after-market Range Rover badge, which replaces the Suzuki badge of the stock vehicle. The owner also installed after-market LED scuff plates and a CNG kit in the boot compartment.

While all these changes and add-ons manage to transform the look of this white-coloured Maruti Suzuki Brezza, some might think all these changes to be a bit too much. Nevertheless, with all these changes, one simply can’t ignore the Range Rover’s inspiration in this Brezza.

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