Co-passenger in MS Dhoni’s car fails to wear seat belt: Netizens want cops to take action [Video]

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S Dhoni is one of the most popular cricketers and a former captain of the Indian cricket team. If you have been following our website for a long time, you would already know that MS Dhoni is an enthusiast when it comes to automobiles. He has a variety of classic and modern motorcycles in his collection in his garage. Lately, he has also been spotted with his classic cars on the road. Recently, a video of MS Dhoni is circulating online where the cricketer is seen driving one of his cars. He is accompanied by another person in the co-passenger seat. Netizens are not happy with this video as the co-passenger in the video is not wearing a seat belt.

The video has been shared by an X (formerly Twitter) user on his profile with the caption “MS Dhoni’s latest video from Ranchi.” In this short video, we can see a person sitting in the passenger seat of the car that MS Dhoni is driving. It is not clear which car Dhoni is driving exactly; however, the car has red interiors. The person sitting in the co-passenger seat is actually recording a video, and in this video, it is clearly visible that he is not wearing a seat belt. The car does appear to be in motion.

Not wearing a seat belt in a moving vehicle is actually an offense. The fans who have come across the video and netizens are not happy with this video and have started tagging the Ranchi police to take action against MS Dhoni as he did not ensure his co-passenger wore a seat belt. The netizens are asking authorities to take legal action for this violation. Details regarding the co-passenger are not available at the moment. It is not clear if the person is MS Dhoni’s friend or if he simply gave a lift to one of his fans.

Co-passenger in MS Dhoni’s car fails to wear seat belt: Netizens want cops to take action [Video]
Co-passenger not wearing seat belt

He has been doing this lately. Recently, a young cricketer and a fan of Dhoni posted a video of the former captain giving him a lift. The former Indian cricket cricketer gave the young fan a lift on his Yamaha RD350. While the video is circulating on the internet, the local police have not responded to it yet. In the past, we have seen police from various states take action against celebrities who violated traffic rules in public.

This is probably the first time we have come across an incident like this where MS Dhoni’s name is being dragged. Whether it’s two-wheelers or cars, the cricketer is always seen wearing proper riding gear and seat belts. Even in this case, Dhoni is wearing the seat belt; it is just the person in the co-passenger seat who is not wearing it. It is not clear if the person only removed it for taking the video.

MS Dhoni is a big-time car and bike enthusiast. He actually has a building with glass panels all around to store his bikes and cars. We have seen glimpses of this building in some of the older videos. It is said that Dhoni has more than 150 motorcycles and several expensive classic and vintage cars in his garage.