Cobra finds shelter in a Honda Activa: Rescued by snake handler [Video]

If you are a person who rides a two-wheeler or a car, finding a snake in your vehicle is probably one of the worst nightmares. We have come across several instances where people have actually found themselves in a situation where a reptile like a snake was found in a moving car or a vehicle that was parked outside the house. In most cases, the snakes found in such cars are non-venomous; however, there have been reports of people finding venomous snakes like the King Cobra in their vehicles. Here we have a video where a snake handler is seen rescuing a cobra that took shelter inside a Honda Activa.


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The video has been shared by jobinkmani_jantm on his Instagram page. The incident happened somewhere in Kerala. We can see a Honda Activa parked outside a house. The owner of the scooter noticed the tail sticking out of the front cover of the scooter. He realized that it was a snake and soon called an expert handler. The snake rescuer or handler reached the spot, and he carefully removed the front cover of the scooter. As he removed the cover, we could see the snake wrapped inside it. The snake handler can be heard saying in the video that it is a cobra and is extremely venomous.

The snake handler had tools to carefully pull the snake out. He tried getting hold of the tail first, but the snake slipped and quickly moved and coiled itself inside the panel. The rescuer then located the head of the snake and then carefully picked the snake in his second attempt. Meanwhile, he can be heard saying that the snake has managed to get into the panels through the gap on the lower part of the front body cover.

Cobra finds shelter in a Honda Activa: Rescued by snake handler [Video]
Snake inside scooter

When he picked the snake for the second time, the snake started moving out and was trying to escape. It soon crawled out of the scooter and started looking for another hiding spot. The video ends there. However, we hope that the snake handler had safely transferred the snake into a sack and relocated it to its natural habitat. We can see that it was raining when the snake was found inside the scooter. Handling a reptile like a snake is extremely dangerous, especially when it is a cobra. These snakes are extremely venomous and can easily kill a person if they are not careful.

Reptiles like snakes are cold-blooded animals. When the environment gets cold, they often come out in search of heat to maintain their body temperature. It is possible that the snake might have crawled into the scooter in search of a dry and warm place. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, never attempt to remove the snake on your own, as it can be dangerous. Always get help from a professional. Also, do not try to harm or kill these creatures intentionally, as the forest department can actually take legal action against you. This is not the first time something like this has been reported in our country.

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