Cobra finds shelter in a Honda Activa: Snake rescued by fearless local [Video]

Finding a snake in a car or bike is one of the worst nightmares for many people. There have been many instances where reptiles, such as snakes, were rescued from vehicles parked outside homes or in garages. In most cases, the snakes found in vehicles are non-venomous, but there have been reports of people finding venomous snakes like the King Cobra in their vehicles. Here, we have a video of a man rescuing a cobra from a Honda Activa with his bare hands.

The video of the man rescuing the snake was shared by Pagan on Twitter. In the short video that has now surfaced online, we can see a cobra sitting inside the scooter’s nose. There is a man standing in front of the scooter trying to rescue the snake from it. It is unclear whether he is a professional, as he does not have any professional gear in his hands; all he has is a screwdriver. The man opens the scooter’s nose and, after removing the cover, finds the snake sitting right in front of him.

The person seems to be handling the situation calmly, as though he has done this before. He uses the screwdriver to move the snake out of the scooter, with people gathered around him to see whether he can successfully remove the snake or not. He tries to get hold of the snake’s tail, where he can safely and easily hold and pull it out. We are unsure whether the snake was injured or not. The snake also cooperates well with the person. When he grabs the tail, the person starts pulling the snake out. By this time, the snake is trying to get back into the scooter.

Cobra finds shelter in a Honda Activa: Snake rescued by fearless local [Video]
Snake rescued from Honda Activa

The man handling the snake does not leave and carefully pulls the snake out. After several attempts, the snake is finally out of the scooter. He lifts the snake and starts looking for a place to release it. It looks like a residential area, and we hope he did not release the snake there. The video ends there. Handling a reptile like a snake is extremely dangerous, especially when it is a cobra. These snakes are extremely venomous and can easily kill a person if they are not careful.

Reptiles like snakes are cold-blooded animals. When the environment gets cold, they often come out in search of heat to maintain their body temperature. It is possible that the snake might have crawled into the scooter in search of a dry and warm place. We are unsure how the owner found out that there was a snake living inside his scooter. While we appreciate the efforts taken by the person to remove the snake from the scooter, we would have preferred if he had used some professional gear to ensure his own safety. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, never attempt to remove the snake on your own, as it can be dangerous. Recently, a King Cobra was rescued from a Maruti Alto car parked outside a house in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram. The car owner’s family saw the snake crawling into the car and informed the authorities, who rescued it using a snake handler from the area.