Cobra in a Maruti Ritz: Watch a snake handler in action [Video]

Car mechanics often have some crazy stories to share. It’s not uncommon for car mechanics and other service center staff to find some strange object while servicing/cleaning a vehicle. However, the guy seen in the video we have here will surely give the chills to many of you. Actually, it looks like this guy and his colleagues had a Maruti Ritz on a two-post hydraulic lift, only to make a shocking discovery.

The above video shows a Maruti Ritz that has been put on a hydraulic lift, probably for underbody inspection/accessing some component. However, what looks like a pretty common sight from a service center turns into a Man vs Wild episode in a matter of few seconds. You can see a guy struggling with something in the rear bottom-end of the car.

A few frames later, you can see the brave man pulling out quite a long snake from the under of the Ritz! You can see how the man clearly tackles the reptile whilst keeping himself at a safe distance. Finally, the braveheart manages to capture the dangerous snake in a bag. You can see other people in the service center applauding this guy’s bravery towards the end of the video.

It’s not unusual to hear of snakes seeking shelter under a car. Snakes are cold-blooded creatures and hence, often slither into a warm car’s undercarriage or engine bay. Another reason for snakes to get attracted to a car is the soy-based wire coatings and insulation that is added to a car’s components.

Soy-based wire coatings, soy-based foam, and soy-based carpets attract rodents. We are happy to note that this dangerous reptile was safely removed from the undercarriage of the Ritz. We really can’t stop marveling at the bravery of the guy who mustered the courage to tackle the deadly snake.

Via LiveKeralam