Coming soon: Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara CNG-powered compact SUV

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara AWD

Maruti Suzuki will soon launch yet another CNG car. This time, it’ll be the recently launched Grand Vitara compact SUV that’ll get a CNG-Petrol dual fuel option, making it the latest NEXA car to go CNG. Earlier this week, Maruti launched the CNG variants of the Baleno and XL6. The automaker’s SUV line-up that consists of the Brezza and Grand Vitara will also get CNG options in the weeks to come.

Coming soon: Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara CNG-powered compact SUV

In fact, the CNG powered Maruti Brezza has already begun reaching dealerships, and we’re just days away from the official price announcement. Interestingly. Toyota has officially announced the CNG version of the Toyota Hyryder – a compact SUV that’s the badge engineered sibling of the Grand Vitara. Given this fact, it’s just a matter of time before CNG variants are introduced into the Grand Vitara line-up.

What will the Grand Vitara CNG be powered by?

For starters, Maruti Suzuki will offer the CNG option on the 1.5 liter K15C petrol engine. This engine has been running CNG on the likes of the Ertiga and more recently – the XL6. A tried and tested motor, the 1.5 liter K15C makes 102 Bhp-137 Nm while running on petrol, and 87 Bhp-121.5 Nm while running on CNG. Considering the fact that the CNG option will mainly be used on city streets, the drop in power and torque won’t really be a deal breaker for almost everyone who wants the cost-effectiveness of CNG.

The K15C petrol engine is tech-packed, and comes with dual injectors (DualJet) for each cylinder and variable valve timing for the intake and exhaust valves (Dual VVT). This engine has been offered on various Maruti Suzuki cars, and is highly regarded for its smooth, refined and fuel efficient nature. As for gearbox options on the CNG powered Grand Vitara, we expect Maruti to offer a 5 speed manual and a 6 speed torque converter automatic. This is because Maruti offers a similar configuration on the Brezza CNG, and there’s no reason why both manual and automatic gearboxes won’t make it to the Grand Vitara CNG.

A quick look at the other powertrain on the Grand Vitara

Apart from the 1.5 liter K15C petrol engine that’s served up in mild hybrid form, Maruti Suzuki offers a strong hybrid powertrain option on the Grand Vitara. The strong hybrid consists of a 1.5 liter-3 cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine that makes 91 Bhp-122 Nm, and an electric motor that produces 78 hp-141 Nm. Together combined power output stands at 114 Bhp but the real deal with the strong hybrid is the strong torque right off idle, and of course the exceptional fuel efficiency of nearly 28 Kmpl. The Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid gets a CVT automatic gearbox, which drives the front wheels of the SUV.

Want some adventure? Pick the AWD!

Coming soon: Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara CNG-powered compact SUV

That’s right. The Grand Vitara gets an all wheel drive layout with the 1.5 liter K15C petrol engine’s manual gearbox configuration. The all wheel drive system offers snow, rock and auto modes, making the compact SUV very capable off the road. The Grand Vitara AWD, along with the Toyota Hyryder, are the only two compact SUVs in India that offer an all wheel drive layout.