Community speak: VW Polo 1.2 Highline petrol vs Honda Jazz X

A common enough dilemma. The Honda Jazz or the Polo 1.2 High petrol, which car to pick?  CarToq community member Aditya Raj Singh asked the community which hatchback: Polo 1.2 Highline Petrol or Jazz X is better.

Community speak: VW Polo 1.2 Highline petrol vs Honda Jazz X

The almost unanimous response was for the Jazz. CarToq community member Kunal Sharma said, “Honda Jazz. Don’t have to think on this one. Unless you care about build quality, paint job and if you are a fan of German styling. Jazz is better than the Polo in many specs and features.”

CarToq expert Babychen Mathew said,” Jazz it is! Its spacious, its got a powerful engine, more boot space than some sedans, its got Honda reliability.”

CarToq expert Roshun Povaiah said, “Honda Jazz – good all round car, much better pick up and power compared to the Polo.

CarToq expert Aravindhan added, “I suggest Honda Jazz because it has refined engine, good performance, decent mileage and has really spacious cabin with 366 litres luggage space (practical for a family getaway or even very long trips). The Polo is good, but it doesn’t shine in any particular area such as space/performance. So, go for the Jazz.”

Now let’s take a brief look at how the Honda Jazz stacks up against the Volkswagen Polo.

Performance and handling

The Jazz is powered by an 86 Bhp, 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine which is known for its refinement, consistent mileage and impressive top-end performance. The Polo is powered by a 74 Bhp, 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder engine which is good for city rides but is a bit noisy at high speed. The Jazz is more powerful and accelerates quickly reaching three digit speeds faster than the Polo.

The Jazz is a bit taller and hence this translates to some vertical movement felt especially when taking quick lane changes and fast cornering. The Polo, on the other hand has less body movements and feels a bit more solid than the Jazz when fast cornering. On the flip side, the Jazz has better steering feedback at high speeds whereas the Polo feels a bit vague.

Overall, the Jazz performs better than Polo and it also matches up with the Polo’s handling characteristics.

Space and comfort

The Jazz is very spacious, thanks to Honda’s ‘man maximum machine minimum’ philosophy. The Jazz has comfortable seats for five passengers and segment-leading 366 litres of luggage space as well. The Polo is best suited for four passengers while the fifth passenger sitting in the rear will lack knee room and the high transmission tunnel eating up the legroom.

Comfort wise, both the cars are quite equal. The Jazz and Polo have supportive front seats with adequate adjustments and hence, finding the perfect driving position is no hassle. The rear seats in these cars are also comfortable for both city commutes and long journeys.

Overall, the Jazz is more spacious while they are equally comfortable.


The Jazz has a cab-forward stance that may not appeal to all buyers. The Jazz has radically designed angular headlamps, stubby bonnet and aerodynamic crease lines all over. From the rear, the Jazz looks low slung due to the sloping roof.

The Polo has a classic styling and the typical Volkswagen family design cues. The simple yet elegant styling may suit matured buyers. Fit and finish are commendable in both the cars giving them a premium feel justifying their premium price tag.

Though looks are subjective, we pick the Polo for its classy looks.


The Polo Highline and Jazz X comes with host of features such as dual front airbags, ABS, integrated music system, alloy wheels, multi information display, plenty of cubby holes and storage spaces.

The Jazz has reclining rear seats (magic seats as per Honda), aux-in and USB ports for music system, steering mounted audio controls which are not offered in the Polo Highline. Hence, the Jazz has a slight edge over the Polo when it comes to features.

Price, mileage and VFM

The Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Highline is priced at Rs. 6.23 lakh while the Jazz X is priced at Rs. 6.31 lakh. Mileage-wise, the Jazz has a claimed mileage of 16.7 Kmpl while the Polo has a claimed mileage of 17.24 Kmpl. However, in real driving conditions, the Jazz is a bit more fuel efficient than the Polo.

The Jazz is a bit pricier than the Polo, but offers more space, performs better and is better equipped than the Polo.

Pros and Cons

Model Pros Cons
Honda Jazz Spacious cabin Pricey
Volkswagen Polo Classy looks Lacks some features
Fit and finish



The Jazz is more spacious than the Polo. It also performs without compromising on mileage. The Jazz also has a few more features not available in the Polo. Thus, it’s no wonder, the Jazz got better recommendations than the Polo.