Community speaks: Is the new Xylo a good family car?

CarToq Community Member Prerna Mathur asked if the new Xylo makes sense as a family car. Here’s what the community had to say.

mahindra xylo e9 review photo
Photo: The Xylo is spacious and feature rich but lacks the ride quality and comfort you would want

CarToq Expert Aravindhan said, “Definitely. The new Xylo looks easy on the eyes, has more features such as cruise control, audio controls on steering wheel, voice command technology (wherein u can switch on lights, wipers etc by voice command). In terms of safety, the Xylo has dual front airbags and ABS. The Xylo is spacious for eight people. And the fact that the Xylo is substantially cheaper than the pricey Innova makes it a better Value for Money too.”

Similarly, CarToq Expert Shreyans Jain said, “Xylo has the space and the features and is powered by a good engine. The drive is not shabby, neither is the FE. It is a decent family car and the pricing makes it attractive too. But do not expect Innova levels of quality or reliability or support or execution. The Toyota commands its premium for a reason.“

Another CarToq Expert Rishabh P Nair pointed out that, “In terms of space and features, yes. However despite a face lift the Xylo still doesn’t look like a sophisticated vehicle, nor is it as comfortable as you would like your car to be. There is ample body-roll and being in the last row of seats is like sitting on a trampoline!” Now, let’s take a brief look at where the Xylo scores and lacks as a family car.

Performance and handling

The new Xylo top-end variant E9 gets the Scorpio’s proven engine. The Xylo E9 variant is powered by the 2.2-litre mHawk engine that puts out 120 Bhp of power and 290 Nm of torque. The E4 and E8 variants are continued to be offered with the existing 2.5-litre mEagle engine that churns out 112 Bhp. The D2 and D4 variants are powered by a 2.5-litre engine that puts out 95 Bhp of power.

The Xylo E9 feels a lot perkier than the other two engine variants.  Hence, the E9 with more power and torque on tap makes it easier to drive in both city and highway. The gear shift action is precise (new 5-speed gearbox) and the clutch and hydraulic steering is pretty much easy to operate. Read more: Mahindra Xylo E9 road test

With regard to handling, the Xylo being a tall vehicle and equipped with 15-inch wheels shows significant body roll when driven spiritedly. This may cause discomfort to passengers especially at the third row. Overall, though the Xylo is not a driver’s car, if driven within limits, it can make you feel comfortable in both short and long drives.

Space and comfort

The Xylo has more interior space than the segment leader Toyota Innova as well as the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga compact MPV.  The Xylo is wider and taller than Innova offering enough shoulder room and headroom for three passengers sitting abreast. The third row seats in the Xylo have adequate legroom and headroom that even tall passengers won’t complain using them.

The Xylo offers good ride comfort for the first row and second row passengers. Even the third row has ample legroom but the ride quality of the Xylo at high speeds is a bit bouncy which may cause passenger discomfort.


The Xylo is loaded with features such as voice command, cruise control, park assist, music system, multi-information display, airbags and ABS with EBD. The voice command feature allows the driver to command the car to perform tasks like headlamp on/off, door lock/unlock, front and rear wiper on/off and indicator lights on/off. The 2-DIN music system can play CD, MP3 and FM/AM radio and has aux-in port too.

The Xylo has multi information display which the company calls ‘Digital Drive Assist’ system that offers information like outside & inside temperature, fuel consumption and has the digital clock too. Besides, the Xylo has roof mounted AC vents for all three rows and couple of bottle holders and document holders for added comfort.  Read more: Mahindra Xylo features and gadgets

The Xylo is good to drive, has lots of space and is comfortable. It is also loaded with safety and comfort features. And the fact that it is cheaper (than Innova) makes it pocket friendly as well. Hence, the Xylo ticks all the right boxes that a potential buyer would look for in a family MPV.Do you think the Xylo makes sense as a family car? Please comment below.