Communityspeak: Tata Safari versus Safari Storme

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CarToq community member Sardar Khan asked how the upcoming Tata Safari Storme would be different from the present Safari Dicor. Read on to find out.

CarToq Expert Babychen Mathew shared a video comparison ( and said, “The biggest difference is in the platform – it uses the newer Aria platform. So theoretically, it will be stiffer and more solid; less body roll etc. of course to be really sure we have to drive it!”

Another CarToq Expert Devdath Narayan said, “The Storme has better interiors, a supposedly better performing ac and an easier gearbox when it comes to shifting effort.”


Communityspeak: Tata Safari versus Safari Storme
Photo: The Safari Storme has been restyled and it has both fans and haters

The Safari Storme has an upgraded 2.2-litre Dicor engine that puts out 138 Bhp of power and 320 Nm of torque with changed gear ratios. There are no changes in the actual specifications. It also comes with rear disc brakes and a light weight hydro-formed chassis.

We can expect the Storme to have better acceleration a more precise steering and more effective braking. The Major difference between the two is inside the cabin. The Storme has better quality plastics, smoother shut lines, a deeper glove box, deep cubby holes and door pockets. For more info read: The Tata Safari Storme takes on the present Safari!

In terms of other changes the Storme has a new grille that has a thick horizontal chrome slat, a new headlamp cluster with projector headlamps, chrome-tipped dual exhausts and an integrated roof spoiler. The tail lamps too are new, though not very different. To sum it up: The X2 platform will likely give the Storme better ride and handling, however more can only be said after a full fledged road test.