Compact SUVs a hit at Auto Expo 2012: Video

Let us take a look at the interesting trends visible during Auto Expo 2012.

The most noticeable was the move towards compact or mini SUVs. Ford, Renault and Maruti showed off their products. The ones from Ford and Renault were production-ready, while Maruti’s was a concept which could take another year or two to make it to the market.

Watch our video on compact SUVs unveiled during the Auto Expo 2012

Compact SUVs can be described as five-seater, high ground clearance vehicles that are priced between Rs 7-10 lakh. Thus, they make great sense as an alternative to large hatchbacks or mid-size sedans which are priced similarly. India has generally preferred SUVs at the top end of the market, and we have never had practical compact SUVs so far.

The Ford EcoSport is a modern, trendy SUV while the Renault Duster is a conventional looking SUV. Maruti’s XA Alpha on the other hand is a concept that attracted lot of interest, but like with the Riii concept from 2 years back, this too would take some time to come to the market.