Complaint filed against Vicky Kaushal, Sara Ali Khan for using ‘fake number plate’: Cops clarify

Actors Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan are currently in Indore, Madhya Pradesh shooting for a new movie. Their pictures from the movie shoot flooded the social media platforms and a person from Madhya Pradesh spotted that they are using a fake registration number. The man filed a police complaint as well and here is what happened.

Complaint filed against Vicky Kaushal, Sara Ali Khan for using ‘fake number plate’: Cops clarify

The complainant had alleged that the registration number used on the motorcycle of Vicky Kausal and Sara Ali Khan belongs to him. He told ANI,

“The vehicle number used in the movie sequence is mine. I don’t know if the film unit is aware of it but this is illegal. They can’t use my number plate without permission. I have given a memorandum at the station. Action should be taken in the matter.”

Rajendra Soni, SI, Banganga Police confirmed that they received a formal complaint about the registration number and the matter is under investigation.

MP Police reached the sets

Madhya Pradesh Police reached the sets of the movie and investigated the matter. They found out that the registration number that reads “4728” is misread as a bolt holding the plat made the number 1 look like number 4. The motorcycle belongs to the production house.

Rajendra Soni, sub-inspector, Bangangam, said,

“During the investigation of the number plate, we found out that all misunderstanding was caused by the bolt fixed on the number plate. Due to that bolt, the number one is looking like number four. The number used in the movie sequence belongs to the movie production. Hence nothing illegal had been found out in our investigation,”

It is a major offense to tamper with the registration number in India and change it as per convenience. Each motor vehicle including cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers, and everything else gets a unique registration number from the RTO or the Regional Transport Office. This allows the police to track the vehicle in case of theft or a crime.

The registration number of a vehicle is linked to its chassis number and engine number. No two vehicles can have the same chassis number, engine number, and registration number in India. Changing the registration number is a criminal offense and the vehicle gets seized immediately.

Registration plate of the complainant looks illegal

The complainant shared a picture of the Honda Activa scooter that had the number “4728” which looks illegal because of the font. The registration number is written in fancy fonts that are illegal under the MV Act.

Every registration plate in India has to use same-sized letters and numbers to maintain uniformity. In major cities, cops keep a strict eye on such registration plates and even issue challans to the owners of such motor owners.